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The introduction is based on a number of short slides just like a presentation. This allows for quick reading of the important points. These slide pages are in English and they are the leading pages in the sense that these pages are the most up to date.

Below each such slide there can be a couple of sub pages.

  • Talk

    A talk sub page is for general comments about the content presented on their parent page.

    Since this introduction is meant to be an international introduction to Oekonux on talk pages comments in any language are welcome. If you are lucky there is even someone who translates your comment to English so the maximum number of people can read it and base their own thoughts on it which might end up in another contribution.

  • Explanation

    Their may be an explanation sub page which explains the points made in a more verbose manner and in a complete text. It may also contain references to Oekonux debates or other Oekonux material about the topic at hand.

  • Translation

    For each slide page there may be any number of sub pages with translations of the content of the slide.

Guidelines for contributions

If you want to contribute to these pages there are a couple of ways:

  • Verbose explanations and references

    If you feel like adding a more verbose explanation of what is written on the slide feel free to add an Explanation page. If you find a thread on one of the mailing lists which relates to the topic of the slide then it would be nice to add it to the list of references.

  • Translations

    If you speak a language other than English you might want to contribute a translation of the slide page. Please create a new sub page of the slide page named after the capitalized 2-letter ISO abbreviation for this language (e.g. De for German or It for Italian).

    If you are reading a translation and the respective English page seems more recent than the translation feel free to update the translation.

  • Missing pages

    If you think there is a topic in the Oekonux debate which should be covered by this introduction feel free to add it to the Missing page.

  • General comments

    If you have other comments to the whole introduction feel free to add them to the Discussion page.

  • Comments on a certain slide

    If you would like to comment a slide please use the Talk page. Feel free to use any language you want for this.

    Please refrain from changing the slide directly.


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