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"Free Software" - what does that mean?

Keyword: Free Software Licences

  • Licenses express the rights of the copyright holder

    • Govern under which conditions someone may do something with the software

      Proprietary software also uses licenses

    • Especially: Use, modify, distribute

    • Software licenses are based on copyright

      Copyright is based on state power

    • Rights or restrictions beyond copyright need contracts

  • The genius hack: Use the copyright system against itself

    • Copyright creates scarcity by denying rights
    • Copyleft creates abundance by granting rights
  • Two main license types: GPL and BSD

    • Though many licenses exist

      Since a license is a contract it's easy to invent a new license

      But it's rarely useful

    • Lists of Free Software licenses by FSF and OSI

  • Main difference: May a licensee close sources again or not?

    • BSD: Software may be distributed without sources
    • GPL: Sources must be kept open
    • More than 50% of Free Software projects use the GPL


Fundamental facility to embed Free Software in the law system

Inherits the security from the law system

Inherits the power of the law system

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