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"Free Software" - what does that mean?

Free Software and commercial influences

  • Companies engaging themselves

    • Distributors and Linux-Companies (SuSE, RedHat, small ones, ...)

      Have an interest in the actual state, because they emerged from it

    • Hardware and others (IBM, Sun, ...)

      Especially for hardware companies GNU/Linux is simply useful

      Because of this they have an interest in the actual state

  • Licenses prevent privatization

    • Gnu General Public License (GPL)

    • Other licenses

      These partially allow re-privatization (BSD)

  • Quality accrues from the absence of alienation

    Only then creativity can fully unfold

  • Wage labor contradicts Selbstentfaltung

    Is alienated because it is aimed at a third goal (making money)


Free Software can develop only without money

This ultimately prevents a drastic commercialization

Otherwise Free Software is destroyed

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