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The way to the GPL society

The utopia

The possibilities are outlined

GPL society means a formation of society, which is based on the principles of the development of Free Software

Until now it can be imagines only in rough outlines

  • Means of production make Selbstentfaltung possible

    • Useful: Maximum number of degrees of freedom
  • Useful activities are Selbstentfaltung

    • Societal and individual utility is directly intertwined

      In part for this other means of work / machines are needed

    • Automation makes necessary activities superfluous

  • Information and goods are Freely available

    • Free availability is precondition of the process

      So everyone can use all means to self-unfold

    • Free availability is result of the process

      Becaus of openness and inclusion model

    • This is what the capital "F" means

  • Overcoming of the labor society

    • No labor, no commodities
    • No exchange, no money
    • No alienation
  • The most important productive power is the human Selbstentfaltung


The freedom of the single becomes the precondition of the freedom of all

And vice versa

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