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The way to the GPL Society

Keyword: Creative Commons

  • Licenses for "Some rights reserved"

    Copyright: "All rights reserved"

  • Four license building blocks

    • Attribution (BY)

      Demands attribution of the source on copies

    • Noncommercial (NC)

      Denies permission of commercial usage of the work

    • No Derivative works (ND)

      Denies permission to derive works

    • Share Alike (SA)

      Demands keeping the license on derived works

    Copyleft equals SA+BY

  • Big, international movement with good "marketing" (

    • Adaption of license terms to national law systems

      3rd Oekonux conference: Presentation of the Austrian variant

    • Many million of works under Creative Commons licenses already


Creative Commons further the transfer of the idea of Free Software

Transfers idea to arbitrary information goods

Probably no initiative which does this with more success

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