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Special features of Free Software

Free in the sense of Free Software

This freedom is indicated by the capital "F"

  • Absense of alienation

    • Needs to result from the direct needs of those involved

    • Self-organization

      Not organized by principles alienated from the project

    • Voluntary participation

      Including voluntary taking over of responsibility

    • Enables Selbstentfaltung

  • Freedom is result of the process

    • Results are Free because of the process

      Can be used by anyone who needs them

      Implies that they are available without payment

    • I.e. unlimited externally

  • Freedom is pre-condition of the process

    • The process doesn't work without Freedom

      Freedom enables contributions from all sides

    • I.e. unlimited internally

  • One's Freedom enables the Freedom of others

    Instead of limiting it like in abstract freedom


Defines several positive feedback cycles

This is where the power comes from

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