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Special features of Free Software

Keyword: Maintainer model

Software development is most of all a social process

Maintainer model is a frequent way to organize

Here: Doubly Free Software projects

  • Voluntarism as fundamental pre-condition

    • No alienated incentives
    • Makes possible and requires personal decision
  • Self-organization as fundamental pre-condition

    • Without external command or alienated goals

      Visible for instance in release dates

  • Maintainer keeps the project on course

    • Makes binding decisions

    • Supervises adherence to internal project standards

    • If necessary cares for further development

    • Organizes consensus ("Nobody needs to object")

      Not: Animosity

    • Can not command other participants

  • Mutual dependence

    Participants need the functions of the maintainer

    Maintainer needs the participants

    • On failure: Fork

      Productive forks are rare


Balances conflicts in Free Projects in an optimal way

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