Free Software and art - similarities and differences

Announcment for a workshop on KLab9

Since 1999 the Oekonux project created a huge number of building blocks to understand the phenomenon as well as the success of Free Software. A central part of the theory is that in Free Software we see a germ form of a new way of production which is able to overcome capitalism. From the homepage:

In Project Oekonux different people with different opinions and different methods study the economic and political forms of Free Software. An important question is, whether the principles of the development of Free Software may be the foundation of a new economy which may be the base for a new society.

More and more areas beyond software but with similar phenomenons are subject of Oekonux - such as Wikipedia or OpenAccess. In this regard art is a very interesting field.

The main goal of the workshop is to explore similarities and differences between thoughts developed in Oekonux and the realm of art. The intention is to improve understanding of phenomenons like Free Software on the one hand and art on the other hand and to develop ideas for concrete action.

We'll start with a short presentation giving some idea of fundamental Oekonux thoughts focusing on those aspects which seem most interesting for art:

Based on the presentation the rest of the workshop will be dedicated to a general debate. A number of questions will be prepared for each of the aspects listed above.

The workshop is prepared by Stefan Merten together with Raoul Victor both participating in the Oekonux project.


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