This is a worksheet for a presentation on workshop planned to be contributed to KLab9. It resulted in an /Proposal for a contribution. The proposal has been accepted and we can do a 2 hour workshop. The proposal has been condensed to an /Announcement and the /Slides to be presented are also developed here.

All this started with a call for papers sent to Oekonux. After this StefanMerten, GregersPetersen and RaoulVictor decided to prepare something for this. See the thread following the call for papers for some discussion about content and layout of some presentation / workshop.


The following ideas are taken from the thread on the mailing list.

  • I could imagine that a workshop which explores the options art has in a political process under an Oekonux perspective would make much sense.

    For this I'd think it would make sense to have two parts: In the first part we explain some central Oekonux ideas. I think this is necessary because only then we can assume some common understanding among the participants. In a second part we then discuss how these ideas can relate to art.

  • This could include the position of the "author" which could be a very good angle (this is important in the art world)

  • Also I'd think the copyright / licenses topic could be interesting because this is also something which all information goods have in common.

    A third point could be the creative nature of writing Free Software. In Oekonux this would probably be subsumed under Selbstentfaltung.

    Ahm - the Free Art in Brazil and other South American countries could also be an interesting topic. However, I don't feel like being expert enough on this special topic to talk about it :-( .

  • But writing software as a creative process and the relationship to artistic working - which probably is seen as the way to creativity - seems to me the most interesting point.

    Also the topic about payed art and Doubly Free art seems rather interesting to me.

  • Could we extend the focus on 'authorship' in such a way that it is combined with the question: Ownership?

    It is possible to engage 'ownership' in at least two directions - either as 'valuable object' or as 'valuable relations', which leads fairly quickly to a more critical look at capitalism and so forth (which seems to be one of the major interests of the the K9Lab) ...


The following are topics our contribution focuses on.

  • Authorship in Free Software and in art

    • What does authorship mean in Free Software projects?
    • Attribution habits
    • Maintainership
    • Similarities and differences between authorship in Free Software and art
  • Ownership and licenses/copyright in Free Software and in art

    • Meaning of licenses in Free Software
    • How do licenses work?
    • Licenses as an expression of ownership
    • Result of licenses/ownership
    • Meaning of copyright in art
    • Ownership in art
    • Free Art?
  • Selbstentfaltung / creativity

    • Meaning of Selbstentfaltung in Free Software (according to Oekonux ;-))
    • Single and Doubly Free Software
    • Selbstentfaltung in art?
    • Paid art and Doubly Free Art

How to apply

The CfP says about an application for a contribution:

Abstract for a paper/talk

  • No more than 500 words

  • Biography

  • Accessible as possible

    May be done best in this Wiki.

Adopting a facilitated discussion session

  • Suggest questions
  • Suggest main issues
  • Suggest reading material etc
  • Propose the length of the session

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