The intention of this page is to explain the overall social structure of Project Oekonux. In particular it should point out which social entities exist and how they relate to each other.


Project Oekonux is a very virtual project. The community meets in infrastructure hosted on the Internet. There are few situations where the Project Oekonux materializes to less virtual forms. These are namely the Oekonux Conferences and some specially announced events.

Project Oekonux is a Free Project in the sense that the free accessibility of the results is a precondition for the furthering of its goals as well as the free accessibility is a result of the whole process. As such the social structure of Oekonux is quite similar to the structure of a big Free Software project.


The discussion mailing lists [ox-en] and [ox-de] build the backbone of Oekonux. They are the home of the Oekonux community. They exist for general discussion of Oekonux topics and so far are the main means to develop Oekonux thinking further.

There is also the mailing list [chox] which is a mailing list for general discussion of non-Oekonux topics.


Similar to many Free Software projects there is an explicit maintainer model in Oekonux. In December 2007 StefanMerten accepted this role. Stefan founded the project in 1999 and since this time is very active in it.


The organizational work necessary to keep the project up and to further it is done on the mailing list [pox]. This work is separated from the discussion lists so people not interested in organizational work can avoid it easily. It is also the central point of reference for these questions. As all other mailing lists this is open for subscription by everyone and as all other mailing lists of Oekonux it is archived on an Oekonux web site.

People who are really interested in Oekonux and think they can help the project by more than contributing to the discussion lists are invited to join [pox] and contribute there.

For past decisions on organizational issues you may check the decisions page.

Registered association

There is the Projekt Oekonux e.V. which is a registered association in Germany. In particular all the infrastructure Oekonux runs on is paid by this registered association. It also is the official organizer of the Oekonux Conferences.

As this registered association follows the concept of contemporary law it is seen as alienated to the Project Oekonux as it is a Free Project. However, since we all still live in this world it is useful to have an official body which is also accepted by non-Free actors out there.

As such the registered association is used as a token for the outside world but has no life on its own. It is totally dependent on the other social entities of the project and in particular the decisions it makes need to be found of [pox] before.

For the members of the registered association there is also a special mailing list [mox]. Exactly those people on this mailing list are members of the registered association.

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