This page describes the machinery used by the Oekonux community. This page is motivated by a thread about this topic on the project list, which cares about the organization of the project.

The intention of this page is to reflect the current state of the machinery. It is originally written in German which is available as the first version of this page.


The Oekonux community currently uses the following technical facilities:

As far as I know other facilities such as IRC are currently not used.

Dedicated Oekonux server

There is a dedicated server for the Oekonux project. Currently this is a virtual server based on Debian and hosted by Host Europe. This dedicated server is paid by the Projekt Oekonux e.V., a registered association in Germany.

Today the server runs all of the technical infrastructure of the project. It has a fixed IP address and the DNS entries for the domains point to this server. The generic address of the server is

The general maintainer of this server is HolgerWeiss, certain facilities are maintained mainly by StefanMerten. See /Administration for technical maintenance documentation.

Mailing lists

Existing lists

The following lists exist:

  • liste AT oekonux DOT de

  • list-en AT oekonux DOT org

  • projekt AT oekonux DOT de

  • chat AT oekonux DOT de

  • mitglieder AT oekonux DOT de

  • helpers AT oekonux-conference DOT org

    Only for conferences.

  • speakers AT oekonux-conference DOT org

    Only for conferences.

For all mailing lists there are archives, which are on the web sites of the domain they belong to.


All mailing lists are hosted on the Oekonux server. The mailing lists are all served by a Majordomo.


Spam protection

Mail to all mailing lists is routed over a SpamAssassin. This is indispensable because the addresses of the mailing lists have a wide distribution.

The SpamAssassin installation needs some maintenance once in a while to be ready for the latest ideas of spammers. This maintenance is done by StefanMerten.

Unfortunately the spam filtering does not catch all spam :-( . Therefore the mailing lists have been closed so only subscribers can post to the list unmoderated. The bounces of spam and legitimate mail from non-subscribers are handled by StefanMerten. All other tasks necessary for keeping the mailing lists running are also handled by StefanMerten.

Web sites



There is no special provider for the web sites. All web sites are hosted on the Oekonux server.

In former times before conferences resources of the OpenTheory project are used for online creation and presentation of the program of the conference. This has been replaced by a Pentabarf installation.


There are four domains for which the e.V. is the owner:


    Under www the German main page of the project can be found.


    Under www the international main page of the project can be found.

    Also the Wikis are all hosted here:


      The English language Wiki.


      The German language Wiki.


    The German domain for everything around the Oekonux conferences.

    • www

      Entry point for the most recent conference.

    • erste, zweite, dritte, vierte

      Entry points for the respective conference.


    The international domains for everything around the Oekonux conferences.

    • www

      Entry point for the most recent conference.

    • second, third, fourth

      Entry points for the respective conference.

More domains were present before the e.V. took them over but they have been abandoned.


Web space

Web space is not a big issue.


There are statistics about the network traffic and the page hits.

Mail addresses

All domains support a couple of mail addresses. They are mainly used for the mailing lists.

Besides the functional mail addresses there is only one private mail address. Generally it is possible to create more private mail addresses. Such private mail address must contain the family name of the person.

Generation and Upload

At the moment all content of the web sites is generated by StefanMerten on his private computer and uploaded onto the server. Among other facilities the SDF and reStructuredText formats are used and the whole thing is embedded in a make based automation.

StefanMerten would appreciate that the sources of the web pages are created in reStructuredText.
Static pages

Apart from the Wiki pages nearly all pages in the Oekonux domains are static HTML pages without any JavaScript or other active elements. By this they are

  • usable by all browsers

  • readable for all times

  • no security risk for the server

  • stable URLs without variable parts

    Many search engines ignore links containing a ?.

  • need no maintenance

  • friendly to external search engines

    Though navigation is done by frames there is always a <noframes> section which contains the links.

  • can be downloaded with tools like wget completely and without problems

  • works with every web hosting offer


Navigation is realized with frames. A narrow frame on the left is modeled after a file browser. It permanently presents the current position in the site. The right frame contains the selected content. If a directory is selected in the navigation the content frame default.html always appears.

Apart from this each third level domain has a separate site map.

Links in all pages are followed by QBullets which roughly give the type of the link.

Locale search engine

We use ht://Dig as a local search engine.

After the server has been moved to Host Europe this is not working :-(.
There is no RSS feed yet but it would be nice to have one.


In general the sites are not maintained really. This is bad.
In particular it would be good if the international site would have more of the content of the German site. Particularly it would be good to have the Oekonux links in English. Also the structure of the project should be presented on the international site.

All mailing lists of the project are archived on the web sites. StefanMerten converts the incoming mails to HTML by MHonArc and uploaded automatically.

HTML pages for the archives are filtered. At the moment

  • comments of MHonArc are removed
  • phone numbers are replaced by a fixed text
  • names of certain people who decided too late that they not want to be found in Oekonux by Google are abbreviated
  • all URLs pointing to mail addresses are obfuscated a bit
  • mail addresses are obfuscated

Removal of archived pages is also widely automated. However, it needs an explicit call with the number of the mail to remove.

Right now the removed mail is removed only from the indexes but not from the server. By this it is no longer reachable by neighboring mails or an index but the are generally accessible. This must be changed.

Several texts of the project are available on the web sites.

Among them is an introduction for which MagicPoint sources are available.

Link page

One of the most important content resources of the Oekonux community once was the Oekonux links, where interesting links are entered with a short comment. The page is structured.

It would be good if each of the Oekonux links would get a creation date. Meanwhile this would have some historical value.

In general for existing links this would be possible by cvs annotate.

It would be useful if the language of the page behind the link would be given. This can be done by the HTML attribute hreflang.
The page is discontinued quite long now. If it is continued it needs to be translated to English first.

Statistics are available about the usage of the mailing lists as well as about the web sites usage on the web sites. All statistics are created weekly by some Free Software (webalizer, mail2clf, mail2chart) automatically by StefanMerten and uploaded.


Many texts from the project and from its environment are available in the OpenTheory project. Some of them are gathered in the Oekonux OpenTheory project.

The texts are about Oekonux content as well as for organizational purposes. In particular the conference preparation has been done there.

Meanwhile OpenTheory facilities are no longer used and are replaced by the Wiki.


Currently there are two Oekonux Wikis at

They are based on the MoinMoin Wiki engine.

The content is maintained by a group of maintainers (English, German . The technical part of the Wikis is maintained by StefanMerten.

The German Wiki is no longer used. This should be handled.


As a planning tool for the 4th Oekonux Conference a Pentabarf installation has been set up.

News groups

Since end of 2003 the main discussion mailing lists are available through Gmane as Usenet newsgroups:

The newsgroups are configured in a way replies by news are not possible.

For now the newsgroup archives contain only those mails written after the newsgroup feature was in place. After the problem of readable mail addresses has been solved the whole archive shall be brought to the newsgroup archive


Search engine

Gmane has a search engine which searches the newsgroups.

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