This is a page from 2005 and not fully aligned with the more recent suggestion.

This page is about the technical aspects of the integration of the Oekonux parts.

There are three main facilities which need integration:

Each facility is considered in the following.


Currently the Oekonux Wiki is separated into a German ( and an international ( part. However, both Wikis are already located under the domain

Integration of the Wikis would mostly mean that there are not two Wikis with separate base domains but a unified Wiki with a single base domain (probably

From the technical side an integration of the two existing Wikis into a unified Wiki site is (probably) not a big thing. Also MoinMoin supports multilingual Wikis quite well.

See the thread starting at wiki:Archive_pox:05277.html for some discussion of some aspects of a Wiki integration.

Web sites

There are two types of web sites currently:

  • Main sites
  • Conference sites

The conference sites are separated into a German (wiki:Conference_de:) and international (wiki:Conference_org:) part. For the past Oekonux conferences there is probably no need to change this. For future Oekonux conferences there should only be the international site.

The main sites are separated into a German (wiki:Site_de:) and an international (wiki:Site_org:) part. Apart from the mailing list archives the content of the two sites differs somewhat.

An integration of the web sites would mean to have one common web sites which has English as its main language. It has to be considered if and how localized versions of pages should be available. The content of a integrated site could be a combination of the existing sites.

An integration would need some effort. May be it can be combined with a general relaunch of the Oekonux web site.

Something which could be done early and which would have a symbolic effect also would be to move the [pox] home page and the respective mail archive to wiki:Site_org:.


Mailing lists

There are two separated discussion lists:

  • <list-en AT oekonux DOT org>

  • <liste AT oekonux DOT de>

Otherwise there are three permanent mailing lists:

  • <projekt AT oekonux DOT de>

  • <chat AT oekonux DOT de>

  • <mitglieder AT oekonux DOT de>

Discussion lists

Integration the separated parts of the project most of all means integration of the separated discussion lists. This would be the most sustainable measure to integrate the two parts of the projects by all people talking to each other directly. The language of such an unified discussion list should be English so it is open to the biggest number of people at least as far as reading is concerned.

A unified discussion list would probably need most changes in minds and thus needs to be done very carefully and slowly.

It needs to be discussed whether separate language lists make sense and what the framework for such separate language lists should be.

Other lists

The mailing lists

  • <projekt AT oekonux DOT de>

  • <chat AT oekonux DOT de>

are already international by their nature. There is no need for integration. The latter of those two is also thought as a multilingual list.

The mailing list (

<mitglieder AT oekonux DOT de> ) is very special. It is a mailing list exclusively for the members of Oekonux e.V. Since this is a German registered association there is no need for integration either.

Subject tags

For historical reasons the German discussion mailing list uses the subject tag [ox] while the international list uses [ox-en]. Since for quite some time [ox] is generally recognized as the symbol for Oekonux this is quite unfortunate.

A first step of integrating the discussion mailing lists could be to change the subject tags of the German list to [ox-de] and the English list to [ox]. Though such a step does not change much it would have a high symbolical value and thus would be useful for changing minds.

The other mailing lists do not have language dependent subject tags so there is no need for a change.

Domains and list names

As a final step in the integration of mailing lists all mailing lists should get proper names and they should be hosted under the proper domain. This would involve changes like this:

  • <list-en AT oekonux DOT org> =>

    <list AT oekonux DOT org>

  • <liste AT oekonux DOT de> =>

    <liste-de AT oekonux DOT org>

    This is is if this list is to be kept at all.

  • <projekt AT oekonux DOT de> =>

    <project AT oekonux DOT org>

  • <chat AT oekonux DOT de> =>

    <chat AT oekonux DOT org>

  • <mitglieder AT oekonux DOT de>

    Probably requires no change.

Some mailing lists are connected to Gmane news groups. This would also need a change then.

Effort needed

Most of the changes for such integration steps are rather easy to do.

Other mail addresses

At the moment there are a couple of additional mail addresses defined for the various domains the project owns. They fall into these groups:

  • Personal mail addresses

    Currently only one.

    No integration necessary.

  • Functional mail addresses for the Oekonux e.V.

    These mail addresses are aliases pointing to the respective people currently fulfilling a role in the e.V.

    Since the e.V. stays German there is no need for integration.

  • Special mail addresses for the whole project

    There is only a mail address for press contacts which AFAIR has never been used.

    Integration means that these should be changed using and an English local name.

  • Special mail addresses for the conferences

    These are special and temporary anyway. For the next conference they should simply be set up in an international way.

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