The topic of integrating several languages in Oekonux came up more than once. This page lists the most important of these discussions.


Discussion 2008

The topic came up again in 2008. See the thread wiki:Archive_pox:06031.html and surrounding threads.

Discussion 2005

All of the following is from 2005.

For historical reasons the Oekonux project is separated into a German part and an international part. This separation is expressed by two web sites (German and international), two Wikis (German and international), two main discussion lists ("liste AT oekonux DOT de" and "list-en AT oekonux DOT org") and even two conference web sites.

HGG: My minor vote is that the international part is more properly called EnglishOekonux.

In November 2005 people caring about the organizational side of the project started to think that it might be better for the project to integrate these parts somehow (see wiki:Archive_pox:05182.html, wiki:Archive_pox:05209.html, wiki:Archive_pox:05228.html for the most important threads). This page is meant as a common roof for pages regarding this topic.

HGG: My minor vote is against an integration in favour of a step by step approximation that does not damage the existing "legs", the GermanOekonux and the EnglishOekonux.

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