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Preventing creation of empty spaces

Empty social spaces are no good. We want to prevent them by:

  • Checking for whom such a space is useful and who is ready to use it by an initial quorum with some minimal quorum,
  • Stating clearly that the space is closed down again if it is not filled after say half a year.

At the moment this would pertain to [ox-de] as well as to a possible [ox-rom].

Mailing lists separated by language

General discussion mailing lists separated by language make sense. However, general policies are:

  • Each discussion mailing list needs a maintainer

    A maintainer mainly should care about on-topicness.

  • Support language families instead of single languages

    We support language families such as Latin languages instead of a single list for each language.

  • Basic English for general discussions and other language lists for discussion of local aspects only

    General policy: Please limit the topics to locale specific discussions and try to use the integrated list for more general topics.

  • Express these policies by renaming lists







    list-en AT oekonux.org


    discussion AT oekonux.org


    liste AT oekonux.de


    discussion-de AT oekonux.org




    discussion-rom AT oekonux.org


  • Express these policies by a monthly reminder mail

Multi-language Wiki

A Wiki should be multi-lingual. Maintenance for all languages is also required, however. How such a multi-lingual Wiki should be structured needs further discussion.

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