This page gives an overview over possible sponsors and the current state of affairs.


Contacts to possible sponsors
Name of possible sponsor Responsible Web site Date of contact Replied? State
Northwest Regional Development Agency Yuwei 2008-06-22 2008-06-23 :-(
Manchester Digital Development Agency Yuwei 2008-06-23 2008-06-23 {X}
Google Yuwei 2008-06-22 2008-06-23 {X}
BT Yuwei 2008-06-22   {X}
Nokia Yuwei 2008-06-25   {X}
Virgin Yuwei 2008-06-25   {X}
Rosa Luxemburg Foundation StefanMn 2008-06-19 2008-08-18 {OK}
Heinrich Böll Stiftung StefanMn 2008-06-19 2008-06-24 :-( (respective department does not exist any more)
Soros Foundation StefanMn (Yuwei can contact TacticalTech instead) 2008-07-28 2008-10-08 :-(
Jamendo StefanMn 2008-06-29 2008-06-30 {X}
Sun StefanMn 2008-08-12 2008-11-02 :-(
fon Michel        
hindawi Michel        
lulu Michel        
magnatune Michel        
neuros Michel        
ponoko Michel        
Canonical StefanMn 2008-08-21 2008-09-27 :-(
British Academy Yuwei 2008-10-14 2009-01-06 :-(
COMMUNIA Stefan   2008-11-14   {X}
EASST Yuwei & StefanMn 2008-12-18 2009-02-17 :-(
The Open Knowledge Foundation (may be only for connections) Stefan 2008-11-13 2008-11-14 :-( not a funding body but interested
The Young Foundation Stefan 2008-11-13 2009-01-09 :-( not a funding body
The Shuttleworth Foundation Stefan 2008-11-13 2008-11-26 {X}
FSF Stefan 2008-11-17   {X}
Icon meaning
Icon Meaning
{OK} Ready to sponsor
:-( No sponsoring possible
{X} Request failed for some reason

Possible Sponsors

Local sponsors

In previous conferences we always had local sponsors from the town or country where the conference took place.

From previous conference

Try again


  • Oekonux e.V.
    • Existing money
    • Ask for additional donations from Oekonux participants
  • Fee from conference participants
  • Don't remunerate contributors who don't need remuneration
    • Checkbox in Pentabarf?

Corporate sponsors



  • Make your company visible as being generally interested in peer production
    • Sponsoring the Oekonux Conference makes your claim very trustworthy
  • Professional community conference
    • At the junction between community and science
    • Lots of attention
    • Become part of a tradition of Oekonux Conferences
    • Web site
    • Long term presence
    • 150+ conference attenders


  • Visibility / press coverage


  • Logo on the conference home page
  • Listing in the conference announcement
    • Conference announcement has a huge distribution through online channels
  • General coverage in conference PR
    • For instance: A short statement about the company
  • May give a guaranteed talk
    • Or participate in a panel
    • Starting at some non-trivial amount of funding
  • Banner for sponsors home page to link back to conference
  • Inclusion of sponsor brochure / advertisement in conference package
  • Free registrations
  • Classification of sponsoring amount
    • Platin sponsor: >= 5000EUR
    • Gold sponsor: >= 2500 < 5000EUR
    • Silver sponsor: >= 1000 < 2500EUR
    • Bronze sponsor: < 1000EUR

See also

  • Sponsors' page for P2P08

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