Call for sponsorship for the 4th Oekonux Conference

The Conference

In collaboration with the P2P Foundation Project Oekonux is currently preparing the 4th Oekonux Conference. It is going to take place in Manchester 27-29 March 2009.

It is titled

Free Software and Beyond

The World of Peer Production

This is a conference where Free Software and other on-line peer production phenomenons like Wikipedia or OpenAccess will be researched and discussed.

Oekonux conferences are at the junction of community and science. They attract a diverse group of audience ranging from academic researchers to the general public. We have seen

  • community activists,
  • peer production business people,
  • scientific researchers,
  • engineers and
  • artists

taking part in the previous Oekonux conferences.

If you need more information about the conference please visit the conference web site.

Funding Needed

As virtual communities, neither Project Oekonux nor the P2P Foundation needs much money for day to day operation. We have secured local volunteers to help with the organisation of the conference. However, to make this conference possible we need money to pay for travel costs and accommodation for the invited speakers. That is why we are raising funds.

Your Benefits

Here are your main benefits of supporting the 4th Oekonux Conference

  • Show your support for peer production

    Free Software has shown what peer production can mean: Out of a hobby of a few programmers it grew to a firm foundation of the world of today. Not only is Free Software at the technical core of the Internet but there are also business models around Free Software.

    The history of Free Software has shown that the community is strong and that a business player in that field can benefit enormously from developing positive relationships with the community. Of course this applies not only to Free Software but to every peer production process.

    Sponsoring the Oekonux conference gives the peer production community a clear indication that you are serious with your involvement. A few Euros support could be a building block for your own peer production strategy.

  • Show your interest in digital technology

    All peer production processes are based on the Internet as a technical basis. The Internet is one of the most advanced means for business as well as for communities of all kinds.

    By sponsoring the Oekonux conference you show to the world that you care about this modern technology. And even more: You are not only interested in the technology as such but also in the social effects that it may have. This can improve your image of being interested in humans and human development and not only in money.

  • Receive short term attention

    The Oekonux conferences so far have been attended by 150+ people. However, the word about our conferences has been spread to many, many people by the conference announcement.

    Depending on your sponsorship level as a sponsor you will receive a lot of short term attention by being included in our public announcements which will be sent and forwared by e-mail, blogs, wikis and other means. We are also going to approach classic media like magazines to announce our conference.

  • Gain long term visibility

    We advertise you on our website forever. Oekonux delivers valuable and varied content about Free Software and peer production online. Humans visit our web sites on average 100,000 times per month! As a sponsor you will receive a lot of long term visibility by being listed on our conference web site.

Our Offering

We are offering a number of ways to realize those benefits. Please check through our building blocks.

  • Possible tax relief

    If you can get tax relief because you support a German registered association (e.V.) or a foundation in the Netherlands (stichting) then we can help you.

  • Option to present a conference banner

    You may put a conference banner showing your sponsorship level to some place on your site. This way visitors of your site will easily recognize you as a supporter of peer production.

  • Listed on the conference web site

    Your company / organization will be listed as a text entry on the conference web site. This includes a link to a page you want. The conference web site will be up for the foreseeable future.

  • Your logo on the conference web site

    In addition to an optional text and link we place your logo on our conference web site.

  • One free registration

    You may send one person to the conference without paying the registration fee.

  • Short text about your company / organization on conference web site

    A short text about your company / organization you give to us is part of the conference web site.

  • Logo in conference announcement

    In all official conference announcements beyond the conference web site the logo of your company / organization will be included. In formats not allowing pictures you will be listed in a text.

  • Two free registrations

    You may send two persons to the conference without paying the registration fee.

  • Short brochure about your company / organization in conference package

    A short brochure from your company / organization is included in the conference package. You have to deliver the brochure.

  • Support for acceptance of your contribution

    If you want to contribute to the conference we will give you extra support so your contribution has very good chances to be accepted by the general selection process.

  • Your idea here

    If you have a special idea about how we can help you to maximize your benefit from your sponsoring efforts please feel free to contact us so we can find a solution.

To simplify things we introduced sponsorship levels to give a clear indication of what you get for your sponsorship. Please use the following table as our offering.

Sponsorship levels
Benefit Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Possible tax relief {OK} {OK} {OK} {OK}
Option to present a conference banner {OK} {OK} {OK} {OK}
Listed on the conference web site {OK} {OK} {OK} {OK}
Your logo on the conference web site   {OK} {OK} {OK}
One free registration   {OK} {OK} {OK}
Short text about your company / organization on conference web site     {OK} {OK}
Logo in conference announcement     {OK} {OK}
Two free registrations     {OK} {OK}
Short brochure about your company / organization in conference package       {OK}
Support for acceptance of your contribution       {OK}
Cost 500 EUR 1000 EUR 2000 EUR 4000 EUR


If you are interested in sponsoring the conference please contact Stefan Merten at

<smerten AT oekonux DOT de>

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