Argumentation for MDDA phone call

About Project Oekonux / P2P Foundation

  • Virtual communities
    • As such: international
  • Inspired by Open Source Software
    • Not the technology but the social phenomenon
  • Extending into other peer production phenomenons
    • Such as Wikipedia
    • Such as OpenAccess
    • In general: From technology to art such as music
  • Discussing these things at the junction of science and community
    • Participation from both sides
  • Empirical, theoretical, practical

Peer production

  • Peer production is production based on the principles of Open Source
    • Volunteers
    • Broad participation
  • Open Source Software showed business is possible
    • Business is based on the Internet which is based on Open Source
    • Business models with services around Open Source Software
      • Peer production business models seem most useful for small and medium enterprises
      • Also founding new enterprises is possible on that basis
  • For other peer production phenomenons the impact might be even bigger
    • In particular: Open Hardware
      • For instance if an Open Car design is used by a manufacturer

4th Oekonux Conference

  • Meeting point for all topics around Open Source / peer production
  • Peer production activists and scientists meet
  • Rather classical format with presentations, talks, panels, may be workshops

Opportunities for Manchester

  • Get to know some of the brightest and most active persons in the field of peer production
  • Manchester can show its dedication to modern developments
    • Can gain a first mover advantage
    • International visibility of the conference

What we need

  • Funding for traveling
    • Want to pay for traveling of invitees
    • That is what is most expensive in international conferences
  • Accommodation
    • Either by funding
    • Or by private means saving lots of money

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