Based on the voting results there were a decision on the list of people who shall be invited directly. Here is the result.

Hot group

Persons who should be invited directly
Tag Responsible Name of invitee Date of contact Replied? Accepted?
Politics_Practice_Hipatia JosX Juan Carlos Gentile   2008-06-19 {OK}
Politics_Gender_Wallach Yuwei   Unreachable   {X}
Projects_Community_LUGRadio Yuwei Stuart Langridge 2008-04-28 2008-05-14 {OK}
Projects_South_SouthAmerica JosX Diego Saravia   2008-07-04 {OK}
Material_Projects_White StefanMn Rose White 2008-04-25 2008-05-27 {OK}
Material_Projects_Gupta Michel Vinay Gupta 2008-04-15 2008-04-16 {OK}
General_Theory_Weber StefanMn Steven Weber 2008-04-25 2008-04-28 :-(
General_Theory_Hippel StefanMn Eric v. Hippel 2008-04-24 2008-04-25 :-(
Material_Projects_McCarthy Michel Smári McCarthy 2008-04-15   {OK}
Capitalism_Practice_Canonical StefanMn Jono Bacon via Torsten Spindler 2008-08-13 2008-08-18 :-(
Material_Projects_Merz StefanMn Markus Merz 2008-04-24   {X}
Politics_Poor_BreakingBarriers ?       {X}
Projects_Schools_FUSS Yuwei Christopher R. Gabriel 2008-04-16 2008-04-16 {OK}
Politics_Policies_Aigrain StefanMn Philippe Aigrain 2008-04-24 2008-05-21 {OK}
Sociological_Governance_Gulik StefanMn Dirk-Willem van Gulik 2008-04-25   {X}
General_Theory_Benkler StefanMn Yochaï Benkler 2008-04-26   {X}
Projects_Science_Suber StefanMn Peter Suber 2008-04-24 2008-04-27 :-(
Projects_Music_Netlabels StefanMn Moritz Sauer 2008-04-27 2008-05-22 {OK}
Icon meaning
Icon Meaning
{OK} Accepted
:-( Did not accept
{X} Request failed for some reason

Warm group

Persons who should be invited directly after those from the hot group
Rank Tag Responsible Name of invitee Date of contact Replied? Accepted?
1 Projects_South_Chitnis StefanMn Atul Chitnis 2008-06-29   {X}
2 Material_Projects_Lammers StefanMn Jacco Lammers 2008-06-29 2008-06-30 {OK}
3 Projects_Science_Harnad Michel Steven Harnad   2008-07-13 {OK}
4 Projects_Science_Poeschl StefanMn Ulrich Pöschl 2008-06-19 2008-06-19 :-(
5 Sociological_Ethics_Himanen StefanMn Pekka Himanen 2008-06-19   {X}
6 Material_Projects_Jakubowski Michel Marcin Jakubowski   2008-07-09 {OK}
7 Politics_Policies_Spain Yuwei Javier Candeira 2008-06-17 2008-06-17 {X}
8 Politics_Theory_Wark StefanMn McKenzie Wark 2008-06-19 2008-07-25 {OK}
9 Projects_Music_Roettgers StefanMn Janko Röttgers 2008-06-29   {X}
10 Sociological_Governance_Levine StefanMn Sheen S. Levine 2008-06-19   {X}

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