This page is about possible speakers for the 4th Oekonux Conference. It lists people we are considering to invite directly to the conference (as opposed to those who may apply because of the CfC) This page has two purposes:

  1. Records possible candidates

  2. Rate these candidates

Please note: As has been decided we are going to invite at most half of the contributors individually. The rest should be a result of the Call for Contribution. So please check with [pox] before inviting someone officially.

Some guidelines for rating the suggestions:

Some guidelines for editing this page:

General Considerations about Peer Production

Theoretical approaches

History of Peer Production

Peer Production in Capitalism


Licenses and Other Legal Issues


Material Peer Production

Theoretical Approaches and Suggestions for Systems

(I would suggest an extensive panel combining the 3 authors above, giving them ample time to present their complex sytems (say one each at least); then adding 90 minutes of exchange and discussion in the afternoon for example.) -- MichelBauwens

Peer Production Projects and Design Communities

Sociological and Philosophical Perspectives

Peer Governance

Peer Ethics

Peer Property

Peer Politics for a Change

Theoretical Approaches

Practical projects

Peer Production and Public Policies

Gender Issues

Peer Production in Poor Countries

Free Software and Other Peer Production Projects

Free Software in Asia

Free Software in the South

Free Software Community

Free Software in Schools

Free Science / Open Access


My provisional title topic will be:

"On the affinities and disaffinities among free software, peer-to-peer access, and open access to peer-reviewed research"

Here are some prior writings on this same topic:

On the Deep Disanalogy Between Text and Software and Between Text and Data Insofar as Free/Open Access is Concerned

Apercus of WOS Meeting: Making Ends Meet in the Creative Commons


Harnad, S. (1998/2000/2004) The invisible hand of peer review. Nature [online] (5 Nov. 1998), Exploit Interactive 5 (2000): and in Shatz, B. (2004) (ed.) Peer Review: A Critical Inquiry. Rowland & Littlefield. Pp. 235-242.





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