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Requested features

Link strategies

It doesn't suffice to create a link to a page name, you need to give the complete path. Helmut Leitner solved this well in his ProWiki by searching descendent pages automatically. Doesn't this work in MoinMoin??? FranzNahrada [translated by -- StefanMerten]

Context sensitive help text

When editing a page there is some syntax help shown in the lower part of the page. It would be good if this syntax help would match the syntax the page uses. I.e. a MoinMoin help for standard pages, a MediaWiki help for #format media pages and so on. -- StefanMerten 2006-03-05 13:11:07

Navigation bar

Is it possible that we get a kind of "chapter page link" in the navigation bar? FranzNahrada

From addresses in mail notification

I'd love it if the mails send as change notification would come from the person which edited the page. This way the author is easier to recognize in my inbox and mail replies to such notification mails are also easier. This probably won't work for accounts with no mail address but in a login-required Wiki like this one this is probably a minor point. The sender address should be the Wiki engine, however, so the posts are easy to recognize by filters. -- StefanMerten 2006-07-13 18:02:43

Inclusion option for /Talk pages

It would be nice if on a /Talk page you could easily include the piece of text you are referring to. That way you don't need to quote the orginal text explicitly. -- StefanMerten 2006-08-09 18:10:37

This actually works with the HelpOnMacros/Include macro:

  • - which you really should

do -

You need to include whitespace! The only drawback is, that the limits are not included in the snippet :-( . May be the following works?


which you really should do


Not really. May be the Include macro can be modified to do what it should by adding another flag to it. -- StefanMerten 2006-08-09 18:21:58

This is now solved. There is a step by step explanation in the DiscussionTemplate.

Hide/show option for embedded comments

It would be nice if you could add comments to a page but they are normally not shown but can be made visible by a special action (i.e. an action parameter behind the page URL). This way the /Talk pages could be replaced by comments in the page but the pages doesn't get destroyed by interspersed comments.

One solution would be to have special markup around a comment which leads to filtering it out and then a special action which includes the comment. Problem is that this special markup shall not be rendered on the normal page view. -- StefanMerten 2006-08-26 19:09:18

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