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Garden Plan

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The Garden Plan, as some use to call the outline for this oekonux wiki, is not a dogma and nothing which could not be subject to change in the course of time; but it is a necessity to have one to start meaningful work. It should provide orientation and overview, as well as the incentive to participate, stay, feel at home, and most of all: become part of it. Refering to a classical theme in free software, it is an attempt to find the right middle between cathedral and bazaar.

Its called Garden plan in allusion to gardening where you set the best conditions for many plants to grow. You cannot plan each tree, just give them a good place to grow so they wont hinder each other, take its others light or place.

Whatever is in a wiki is prone to change, to be augmented, but the Garden Plan should always indicate where there is something to be found (like a first Table of Content). It also indicates where there is free space and where there is need to fill in, askings sometimes for common efforts while some things might grow very slow and only by small increments.

Garden Plan is not the work of a lone maintainer, but should also be considered an issue of consensus between all participants. So its also something like a "Features Requested" list.


A wiki is an environment in which everybody can change almost anything.

In order to come to a good result, we thought about some rules and we would like you to know them and respect them. Therefore please visit the Wikiquette page.

Garden Plan vs.0.2

What should be the contents of Oekonux Wiki ?

There are two dimensions "Spectres" in this:

  1. from description/promotion of Oekonux as a project to hosted, similar, related, interesting projects outside Oekonux that should be described, discussed, brought to attention, inspired, hosted.

  2. from free Software and more general free modes of intellectual production as object of studies and reflections to extrapolations on society as a whole (and everything in between)

How do we embed these contents in a structure?

The idea is to have "three wikis" in one wiki. One is for presentation and condensation of the results so far achieved in project Oekonux. The second is for pages where we explore the "wide world" of phenomena beyond Oekonux - talking about and mapping Free Modes of Production. The third wiki is for brainstorming, experiments, hosted projects etc.

1. The Oekonux Project (Oekonux als Theorie- und Diskussionsprojekt)

2. ExploringFreeModes (Oekonux Research)

I add the following two (HGG)

3. StartingToWork (Oekonux in der Praxis)


Please add you statements and comments here

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