Maybe better than giving a general description is quoting the award of the Free Software Foundation:

"Free Software Award for Projects of Social Benefit"

"This award is presented to the project or team responsible for 'applying free software, or the ideas of the free software movement, in a project that intentionally and significantly benefits society in other aspects of life.

We look to recognize projects or teams that encourage collaboration to accomplish social tasks. A long-term commitment to one's project (or the potential for a long-term commitment) is crucial to this end.

This award stresses the use of free software in the service of humanity. We have deliberately chosen this broad criterion so that many different areas of activity can be considered. ..To qualify, a project must use free software, produce free documentation, or use the idea of free software as defined in the Free Software Definition. "

So there is recognition that the idea of Free Software can be transformed to fields of Human endavour which are not necessarily Software. We might want to document this complex transformation process in this part of the Oekonux Wiki. The main idea is to have the four freedoms of GPL applied to any result of human activity (as an information good)

* to know the construction principles * to use for any purpose * to further develop and augment * to distribute under the same terms

Maybe one good way to start is: what would be most meaningful projects elegible for such an award? What do they have in common?

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