This page is dedicated to research about similarities and differences between Free Software and art. This has been inspired by a workshop on the KLab9.


Authorship in Free Software and in art

  • What is the relationship of an artist to his/her work?
    • Is this relationship different from that of a software developer from her/his work?
  • What are similarities and differences between authorship in Free Software and art?
    • What could be reasons for those similarities and differences?
  • Software fulfills a (technical) function while art does not. What follows from this difference?
  • What follows from the notion of authorship used in art compared to the results in Free Software?
  • If artists want to learn from Free Software what could be useful to adopt and how needs this to be adapted?

Ownership and licenses/copyright in Free Software and in art

  • Is there an analogy to Free Software licenses for art work?
  • What does copyright and ownership mean in art?
  • If the relationships between artists and art on the one hand and between developers and software on the other hand is different: Is this expressed by copyright regulations and if so how?
  • Is there something like Free Art?
    • If so how is it expressed?

Selbstentfaltung / creativity

  • How does Selbstentfaltung seen in Free Software relate to creativity seen in art?
    • Is quality art possible under alienated conditions?
  • How does Selbstentfaltung in art influence the results of artistic work?

Mode of production

  • What is the mode of production of art and how can this be compared to the mode of production of Free Software?
  • Can art be understood as Selbstentfaltung?
  • Does the quality of the result in art do relate as strongly to the mode of production as in software?
  • Is there a division of labor in art as it can be seen in Free Software?
    • If not what are possible consequences?
  • Does it make sense to distinguish between payed art and Doubly Free Art?

Fine art and crafts

  • Is there something similar to the necessity of concrete solutions to concrete problems like in Free Software?
  • In crafts the artifacts have an intentional utility beyond being beautiful / artistic which probably distinguishes crafts from fine art. Which role does this distinction play exactly?

Learning from the other side

  • If artists want to learn from Free Software what could be useful to adopt and how needs this to be adapted?
  • If Free Software developers / other Free Project activists want to learn from art what could be useful to adopt and how needs this to be adapted?

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