This is a task list saying what should be done in Oekonux. It is largely based on a meeting which in turn is based on a survey about the future of Oekonux.

Oekonux 2.0

See also Oekonux 1.0 vs. Oekonux 2.0.

Oekonux 1.0

Theory workshops

See also internal workshops.

Organizational ideas
  • Live streaming could make attendance without physical presence possible
  • Could be done as a workshop besides a large event (e.g. LinuxTag, CCC, WOS)
  • Interesting people could be invited for such a workshop
  • Extension of Oekonux theory to material production
  • Extension of Oekonux theory to politics / government



Web sites

  • Considerations about
    • Who shall be targeted by the web sites?
    • What are the needs of these groups?



See also Wikis.

  • Clarification of

    • coming from the main page has this Wiki a recognizable structure?
    • if so: Is the structure useful?
    • if not: What could be a useful structure? What should be modified?
  • Clarification of

    • What is the goal of the Wiki?
  • What to do with the German Wiki?

Mailing lists

  • Future of [ox-de]

    • Ask subscribers of [ox-de]
      • What is useful for them?
      • What are they ready to do on [ox-de]?
    • If [ox-de] is to be dissolved: How? Simply closing down or merging with [ox-en]?

Repository of Free Projects

4th conference



  • Considerations about possible locations
    • What about Manchester and Rome as possible locations?
    • What about doing a conference aside / together / close to LinuxTag / WOS / CCC?


(Needs to be defined after finding a location.)

  • What are sources of funding?

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