In the past there were some people who expressed some unhappiness with the project. At some point Stefan Meretz started a survey on [ox-de] regarding these things.

To gather this input and to turn it into some productive output and a better future for Oekonux on [pox] Stefan Merten started a survey about the future of Oekonux.

These were the initial questions posed:

  • What do you think were the roles of Oekonux in the past?
  • Which problems do you see in Oekonux?
  • What do you value in Oekonux?
  • What would you like to see in Oekonux?


Here are the answers to those questions.

What do you think were the roles of Oekonux in the past?

StefanMz in wiki:Archive_pox:05790.html:

In my view our main function is to be a meta project to reflect
developments in Free movements - of course with Free Software as core -
with the perpective of generalization, "whether the principles of the
development of Free Software may be the foundation of a new economy
which may be the base for a new society" (website).

A second goal was (and is) to collect knowledge about Free projects
(which has started in Oekonux-Wiki). However, we should think of a
publicly maintained database with convenient retrieval functions.

StefanMn in wiki:Archive_pox:05869.html:

* Oekonux presented (and still presents) a in many regards new
  political theory based on a number of new cornerstones

  Especially the germ form theory is largely different from earlier
  reform or revolution theories.

  This approach makes Oekonux interesting for some who are ready to
  think in new ways and to be critical about what they thought so
  far. On the other hand this approach makes Oekonux suspect or even
  dangerous for others who want to stick to there thinking.

  This illustrates two roles Oekonux plays in the recognition from
  outside as well from the inside. In both roles Oekonux has
  influenced many people - though the connection is not always clearly

* Oekonux politicized a number of people

  As it seems a number of people participating in Oekonux were not
  very much into politics before. For these people Oekonux is more or
  less the first contact to a way of political thinking which is not
  so common in mainstream society.

  One result is that these people discover the large array of leftist
  political approaches which exists - especially as far as the
  self-organized scene is concerned.

* Oekonux brought the phenomenon of Free Software on a theoretical and
  political stage on a sustainable basis

  Today in science there is some recoginition of Free Software as an
  interesting phenomenon which is worth studying and theorizing about.
  When Oekonux started back in 1999 there were virtually nobody who
  did this in any substantial way. In this sense Oekonux is certainly
  the first mover.

  The classical leftist scene is mostly still simply ignorant about
  Free Software and similar phenomenons.

* Oekonux is one of very few active political projects today

  Thirty or twenty years ago there were lots and lots of political
  projects with many organizational forms which were all into some
  emancipatory politics in one way or the other. Today there are
  vritually no more such projects.

  Oekonux is one of the few political projects which exists, is
  active, and clearly heads into some future.

FranzN in wiki:Archive_pox:05876.html:

To bring people in contact that see the potential of a new mode of
production heralded by free software. To even mine this thought in the
public thinking. To facilitate flow of information.

Which problems do you see in Oekonux?

StefanMz in wiki:Archive_pox:05790.html:

The main problem is to find a new focus. Main generalizations about how
to extend principles of Free Software to whole society are done,
although not carefully documented. Now, a next step, a next focus is
needed. However, I am not sure, if it is possible to find a "new focus"
at all.

Having the two goals - generalization and collection - in the past and
maybe in present, a problem is to separate these functions, because they
work different. Generalization needs debate, collection does not
(necessarily). IMHO a simple mailinglist is a too poor tool for these
different goals, and the current wiki isn't a good solution too.

StefanMn in wiki:Archive_pox:05869.html:

* That the fourth conference doesn't take off

* In the past: A rather unclear leadership

FranzN in wiki:Archive_pox:05876.html:

* A lack of common goals. It seems that there is a lot of agreement
  on the value of the general proposition but no way to create
  motivating next steps.

* Discouragement. Productive energy is not reinforced and

* Inability to turn from a "pioneer plant" to a "specialized plant"

What do you value in Oekonux?

StefanMz in wiki:Archive_pox:05790.html:

It is a room of meta reflections about developments in (not only) Free

StefanMn in wiki:Archive_pox:05869.html:

* Discussions in Oekonux are often very insightful and inspiring

* Very most discussions are inspired by the will to learn something

* That Oekonux exists for so long now

* The ability to respond to difficult questions like the unclear

* That Oekonux is not an end in itself

  Oekonux works on topics which are again and again triggered by
  things happening outside of Oekonux. This again and again gives new
  stuff for thought and new insights resulting from this.

FranzN in wiki:Archive_pox:05876.html:

* Oekonux is still an "anchor" that holds people together.

What would you like to see in Oekonux?

StefanMz in wiki:Archive_pox:05790.html:

First, a general debate about a new focus mentioned above. Second, an
ongoing reflection of even contradictorily developments in Free
movements. Third, a continous collaboration with other projects.
Fourth, a fourth ox conference, maybe together with WOS. Firth, a
renovation of tools: mailinglist, website, wiki, content management,
databases etc. (which, however, is only possible when found a new
purpose for the whole project - but this is a wish list).

StefanMn in wiki:Archive_pox:05869.html:

* The fourth conference

* More interesting discussions and insights

* More usage of the Wiki by more people

FlorianS in wiki:Archive_pox:05870.html:

"Public output as papers, articles, a wiki section for the public etc.".

As already mentioned by Stefan Mz in his last sentence of "Roles of
Oekonux in the past" striving for more public reception has positive
effects. To name some: More concise output, higher quality of output,
more public perception, hopefully a better structured discussion, ...
Generally (and psychologically) this suggestion would create specific
aims as "get the paper on topic xyz in a state the majority agrees to
and in shape for public release".

FranzN in wiki:Archive_pox:05876.html:

Hard to say. Its just a wishlist, isn't it? Maybe 4-5 concrete goals
and commitments that are of real value to people outside, like:

* maintaining a repository of free projects (I myself get
  discouraged when I am the only one doing it)

* figure out how free projects can support each other (need

* facilitate new forms of dialogue and media (may be Oekonux-TV)

* ongoing efforts to support scientific publishing and quality and
  to attract scholarships for meaningful endavours (yes, that's
  against the Dogma, but that was never my dogma)

* become a voice of productive possibilities and stand more firmly
  in public. For example show what Free Modes could mean for
  societal wealth.


Here are some selected keywords from the answers.


Oekonux as a project
  • Meta project about Free movements
  • Knowledge collection and public presentation
  • Place to meet others with similar interests
  • Valuable and inspiring discussions
Oekonux theory
  • Reflection of developments in Free movements
  • Perspective: Whole society, new society, positive future
  • Stands for a new, sustainable political theory
  • Theory based on visible evidence from Free movements

Current problems

  • Finding a new focus / common goals
  • Next steps are unclear
  • 4th conference doesn't take off
  • Useable theory documentation lacking
  • Virtual infrastructure is not adequate


  • General debate about a new focus / common goals
  • Ongoing reflection about practical developments in Free movements
  • Collaboration with other projects
  • 4th conference
  • General overhaul and extension of the virtual infrastructure
  • More public output
    • Papers, articles
    • Repository of Free projects
    • Showing the possibilities of Free modes
  • Support for Free projects on how to collaborate

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