Roadmap for the 4th Oekonux Conference
Deadline State Tag Result Preconditions Notes
2008-01-31 (./) DecisionTitle Decision on conference title  
  • Discussion on [ox-en]
2008-01-31 (./) DecisionDate Decision on conference date  
  • Ask on [ox-en] for possible collisions
2008-03-31 (-12M) (./) CfCComplete Call for Contributions completed DecisionTitle, DecisionDate
  • Discussion on [ox-en]
2008-04-06 (./) PollIndividually Opinion poll on individually invited contributors  
2008-04-30 (-11M) (./) DecisionIndividually Decision on individually invited contributors PollIndividually
2008-04-30 (-11M) (./) WebSite Conference web site set up DecisionTitle Complete documentation of 3rd conference first
2008-04-30 (-11M) (./) IdentificationSponsors Possible sponsors identified  
  • Ask on [ox-en]
2008-04-30 (-11M) (./) CallForSponsors Call for sponsors exists CfCComplete  
2008-05-31 (-10M) (./) ContactSponsors Possible sponsors contacted IdentificationSponsors, CallForSponsors  
2008-05-31 (-10M) (./) ContactIndividuallyFirst All 1st level individually invited contributors contacted and clarified DecisionIndividually, CfCComplete, WebSite  
2008-05-31 (-10M) (./) CfCDistributionFirst First distribution of Call for Contributions CfCComplete, WebSite, PlanningTool  
2008-06-15 (-10M) (./) ContactIndividuallySecond Remaining 2nd level individually invited contributors contacted ContactIndividuallyFirst  
2008-06-30 (-9M) (./) PlanningTool Conference planning tool set up    
2008-08-31 (-7M) (./) CfCDistributionSecond Second distribution of Call for Contributions CfCDistributionFirst, PlanningTool  
2008-10-31 (-5M) (./) DeadlineApplications Deadline for applications CfCDistributionSecond, ContactIndividually  
2008-12-15 (-3M) (./) DecisionContributions Final decision on invited contributors DeadlineApplications  
2008-12-15 (-3M) (./) ListContributorsComplete Mailing list for speakers ([spox]) set up DecisionContributions  
2009-01-18 (./) ReimbursementComplete Information for needed reimbursement complete ListContributorsComplete  
2009-01-31 (./) AnnouncementComplete Announcement text finalized ContributionsComplete
  • Mention all sponsors in the announcement
2009-01-31 (./) AnnouncementOnline Conference announcement on online media AnnouncementComplete  
2009-01-31   AnnouncementOffline Conference announcement on offline media AnnouncementComplete  
2009-01-31 (./) PosterRequest Conference poster asked for AnnouncementComplete Athina
2009-01-31 (./) FinancingSolved Financing solved ContactSponsors, ReimbursementComplete  
2009-01-31 (./) CallOnsiteHelpers Call for on-site helpers who are present during the conference DecisionDate See ../CallForLocalHelp
2009-03-01 (./) ListHelpersComplete Mailing list for helpers ([hox]) set up    
2009-03-08 (!) ContributionsComplete Contribution description complete DecisionContributions  
2009-03-08 (./) IdentificationLocalHelpers Possible local helpers identified    
2009-03-08 (./) IdentificationOnsiteHelpers On-site helpers are identified CallOnsiteHelpers  
2009-03-08 (./) ContactLocalHelpers Possible local helpers concated IdentificationLocalHelpers, CfCComplete  
2009-03-13 (-2W) (./) OtherHelpers Other on-site tasks are mapped to helpers IdentificationOnsiteHelpers  
2009-03-08 (./) AccomodationContributorsSolved Accommodation for invited contributors solved  
2009-03-13 (./) PosterPrinted Poster printed FinancingSolved  
2008-03-13 (./) RoomsAvailable Rooms are available LocalMeeting On the weekend a porter must be paid (25 GBP/hour)
2009-03-13 (./) ScheduleFinalized Schedule finalized ContributionsComplete, RoomsAvailable  
2009-03-13 (-2W) {X} VisitorPackageComplete Information package for visitors complete ScheduleFinalized  
2009-03-13 (./) LocalMeeting Big local preparation meeting ContactLocalHelpers  
2009-03-13 (-2W) (./) InfrastructureAvailable Local infrastructure available LocalMeeting
2009-03-21 (./) PresentationHelpers Presentation helpers are mapped to presentations IdentificationOnsiteHelpers, ScheduleFinalized  
2009-03-21 {X} AccomodationMassSolved Mass Accommodation for general visitors solved    
2009-03-27 (./) ConferenceStarts Conference starts All of the above  
2009-04-26 (!) DocumentationContributors Documentation from contributors complete ContributionsComplete  
2009-04-26 (!) SpeakersRefunded Documentation from contributors complete ConferenceStarts__  
State icons
Icon State
  Not started
(!) Ongoing
{X} Waiting for precondition
<!> Overdue
(./) Complete

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