Checklist conference bureau

Check-in of visitors

See the separate check-in checklist.

Answering common questions
Getting food
On Saturday we have lunch on-site. Every visitor needs to order lunch so we can get it. The visitor package contains an order form.
Making a spontaneous sessions

We encourage spontaneous sessions and provide a spare room for this. If a person wants to do a spontaneous sessions then do the following:

  1. Check at what time the spontaneous session is wanted
  2. Check the title of the spontaneous session
  3. Check for a free room and mark it as used in the room list
  4. Tell the person the room
  5. Give the person paper and pen for writing an announcement
  6. Ask the person to put the announcement to the board for spontaneous sessions
Getting accommodation

For speakers we have prepared accommodation. They usually know about the details already.

For other visitors we recommend the Etap hotel where some speakers have rooms also.


9 Trafford Road
Tel : (+44) 161 848 0898
Getting a lift back home
There is a special sheet for organizing lifts for departure. This contains offers and requests including destination, time and meeting point.
Finding bars and restaurants

See Any places to dine? in the visitor FAQ.

Finding an ATM
Helping press people

People from the press are treated as everyone else: We try to fulfill their wishes.

If asked for "Oekonux speakers" refer press people to the Oekonux maintainer Stefan Merten.

If asked for "P2P Foundation speakers" refer press people to Michel Bauwens.

If asked for a certain speaker or another special person help to find the respective person. May be you want to use the help of others to find a certain person.

For interviews you can provide a spare room so the interview can be done in a silent place.

Pick-up for speakers
All speakers agreed that they don't need a special pick-up service. In case someone still asks for it contact the organizers.
Book table or laying something out
It is generally possible if someone wants to setup a book table or lay something out. Please check with the conference organizers whether the material is appropriate for the conference.

For donations we have a donation box at the conference bureau. The donation box should be emptied regularly and the content should be given to Stefan Merten (finance maintainer).

This is needed for several reasons:

  • Less cash in the cash box means less risk in case of theft.
  • We need to pay things cash during the conference so it is useful to have some from the donations.
  • We need to check whether we must call for more donations to pay for all costs.
Close up stuff at the end of the day
We do not want to let lie things around during night. Therefore everything must be put to the lockable spare room.

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