Check list for check-in of a visitor

  1. Enter the person in the visitor list

    We have several visitor lists in which people can enter themselves concurrently. We would like to know:

    • Name
    • Country the person lives in or town when from UK
    • Being and end of visiting the conference
    • E-mail address unless it has been given during registration

    Why do we want this data?

    • To know how many people were present
    • To give information about the documentation
    • To invite people to the next conference

    All data is exclusively used for purposes of Oekonux Conferences.

    If a visitor does not want to enter data please enter "Anonymous" in the list. If possible also enter the country/town the visitor is coming from.

  2. Find out whether the person is a speaker

    Ask the person whether s/he is a speaker. If the person is no speaker proceed to the next point.

    If the person is a speaker make a checkmark at the speaker's entry in the list of speakers. Make sure that the conference planning system is notified that the speaker has arrived at the venue. It is not necessary that you do this immediately but please do not forget it.

    From the list of speakers tell the speaker who is his/her session helper so s/he has an idea on whom to contact for help.

    Skip the next point about donations.

  3. Ask for a donation

    If the person is a speaker proceed to the next point.

    In general attending the conference is free as in free beer. Nonetheless we have costs - mainly for inviting speakers who make the conference worthwhile attending. In fact we need a substantial amount as donations (~1000EUR) to be able to pay all the costs.

    By default we ask for 20EUR/GBP/US$ per person for all days. Higher donations are very welcome.

    Donations are put into a donation box which is located first in the check-in area and later at the conference bureau.

    There are regularly updated posters throughout the conference venue listing the amount of money still needed.

  4. Inform about drinks and food

    Drinks are available close to the conference bureau for a donation. We have an open cash box nearby and ask kindly to be honest.

    We will provide lunch on Saturday which must be ordered. Listen to the session helpers on Saturday morning for the details of the lunch organization. Point out the respective lunch order form in the visitor package.

  5. Provide name tag

    We use adhesive tape to be attached to one's clothes as name tags. Ask the visitor to write on the tape:

    • his/her name (first name suffices)
    • Country travelled from or town for UK-based persons

    We use the following color scheme to distinguish the various roles:

    • Red for helpers
    • Green for invited speakers
    • Blue for anyone else

    What is a name tag good for?

    • To simplify communication
    • To make roles visible
  6. Mention the feedback questionnaire

    The visitor package contains a feedback questionnaire which should be filled out and given back at the conference bureau before leaving the conference.

    The feedback questionnaire helps us to know

    • why someone came to the conference
    • which sessions were good and which sessions could have been improved
    • what we can do better next time
  7. Ask whether the person wants to help

    This conference is done completely by volunteers. Every helping hand is appreciated for bigger and smaller things.

    What to do?

    • During the early phase of the conference
      • Create posters and signs pointing to the conference location and distribute them all over the place
      • Prepare rooms and rearrange them if necessary
      • Set up technical infrastructure
    • Around lunch on Saturday
      • Help the preparation before lunch
      • Help during distribution of lunch
      • Clean up afterwards
    • All time
      • Help out at the conference bureau
    • After the conference
      • Clean up and rearrange the location to the state before

    If the person is ready to help then mention the helper meetings which are announced somewhere at the conference bureau. The first meeting is planned for Fri 17:00 at the conference bureau.

    If the next meeting is too far away please ask one of the organizers or decide yourself how the friendly person before you can support the conference.

  8. Any questions?

    • Everything clear with the sessions?

    • Want to have a spontaneous session?

    • Need help for departure?

      If so please point to the sheet with shared cars.

  9. Provide visitor package

    Give a visitor package to the visitor including lots of interesting and up-to-date information.

  10. Have a lot of fun!

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