The subpages are an example how automatically linking related pages can work. This is based on a suggestion made on [pox]. As someCommonToken the unique (and for this example arbitrarily chosen) prefix token X- is combined with the name of the English page Love.

X- is used as a unique prefix here so searching works right. It should be the same prefix but which one exactly doesn't matter much.

Please note that the pages are in all available formats to demonstrate what works and what not.

If and when there is a decision on how this suggestion is going to be implemented the templates should be changed to include some help to set this up.

This is a list of the subpages:

And this is a list of all related pages:

Note that instead of the full term a regular expression is used (the [-] instead of a simple -). This way pages referencing a related pages group do not contain the term and thus are not part of this group. As a result they are not found by the search.

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