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Hallo Stefan, you ask for discussion. Some remarks supplied by me.

(1) s.mn: I think the purpose of a social system is the most important thing at all. It is important to maintain its visibility and repeating the purpose of a social system can probably not be done often enough. If the purpose becomes unclear there is the danger of alienation.

(2) s.mn: Though borders are an inalienable feature of social systems there are people who have a general problem with borders. They think that borders generally should not exist and that the absence of borders entails freedom. IMHO nothing could be more wrong. In the contrary borders are an important part of the structure of a social system and as such they are helpful.

(3) s.mn: Of course borders also mean restrictions - that's their very purpose in the end. Restrictions may be useful and harmful - it depends. A stable social system, however, IMHO can remove borders which became harmful for the social system while it keeps borders which are useful.

Real names

"People who are really interested in the social systems have no reason to hide their identity - unless it is a criminal social system. On the other hand people who use an arbitrary alias or just their first names have something to hide."

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