The objective of this sprint is to implement some basic functionality roughly resembling the basic use cases. However, editing and publication needs not be supported in this sprint.

Business requirements

  1. All interaction of humans with the system must be possible using a web browser
  2. The use case supplyEntry must be implemented

    1. A Supplier must be able to enter an entry

      1. A Supplier must enter an URL
      2. A Supplier may enter a description
    2. All supplied entries must be automatically published
  3. The use case readEntries must be implemented

    1. A Reader must be able to view all entries

Technical requirements

Functional requirements

  1. A web page must allow supplying an entry (./)

    1. It must require an URL (./)

      1. An URL must be non-empty to be valid (./)
    2. It must allow a description (./)
  2. If a supplied entry is valid it must be persisted (./)

    1. The URL must be a unique key among all entries (./)
  3. Another web page must allow reading all entries (./)

    1. For each entry there must be (./)

      1. The URL (./)

        1. The URL must be a link to the URL (./)
      2. The description if available (./)

Non-functional requirements

  1. The application must be implemented using JEE5 (./)
  2. The application must have a web frontend (./)

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