This page holds the results of a brainstorm about what such a ProjectRepository should be and/or do. Feel free to add ideas and wishes - which doesn't mean they are implemented any time soon ;-).

Open ideas

  • Everyone should be able to enter new entries
  • Entries should be confirmed before they are published
  • A hierarchical navigation scheme would be nice
  • The entries shall be presented on a web page
  • An entry shall consist at least of
    • an URL to the respective project
    • a short textual description of the project
  • Other elements of an entry could be
    • Links to related projects
    • Where to place the project in the hierarchical navigation scheme
    • Tags
    • More links with may be a certain set of meaning
    • An arbitrary number of comments
  • All elements of an entry must be editable if a user is authorized to do so
  • It must be possible that each description is availabe in various languages
  • Tags describing an entry would be fine so a tag cloud could be used for navigation
  • When entering tags there should be a mechanism to use existing tags
  • It must be possible to map tags on each other by an administrative process
  • An URL checker would be nice which checks whether a given URL still responds
  • An URL checker could be even more useful if it checks whether the result of an URL changed since the last check
  • When an URL is supplied it must be checked for validity meaning that some content is returned by the URL
  • Some history mechanism could keep entries in older versions
  • Some mechanism must find out URLs pointing into the same site so double entries can be found

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