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Use case analysis

Basic use cases


The basic use cases


An Supplier is someone who supplies a new entry to an existing ProjectRepository.

Everybody can act as an Supplier.


An Editor is someone who checks a new entry created by a Supplier. An Editor also approves a given entry for publication or dismisses it.

An Editor has a special role and as such must be authorized and identified.


A person is a human.


A Reader is someone who looks at the published entries.

Everybody can act as a Reader.


The system administrating entries. It can

  • add entries
  • support editing and publishing
  • present published entries
Use cases

A Supplier interacts with the ProjectRepository to add a new entry.

A Supplier at least must enter:

  • an URL

A Supplier may also add:

  • a description of the site referred to by the URL

An Editor checks a supplied or published entry and edits any of the information available for this entry. The publication state of the entry is not changed by editing.


An Editor approved a supplied entry. After publication the entry is available to a Reader.


A Reader looks at the published entries.

Business Objects


An entry is the key business object of this application. Everything revolves around entries.

An entry requires these attributes:

  • an URL

    The URL is the key element of an entry. The URL points to some web page containing some material.

An entry may have the following attributes:

  • a description

    The description of an entry describes what can be found when the URL is followed. The description should be not too long.

    Later an entry may have several descriptions which are semantically identical but are written in different languages.

Entries come in two forms:

  • Unpublished

    Unpublished entries are entries which are supplied by a Supplier but not yet approved. Unpublished are not available to Readers.

  • Published

    Published entries are those which can be read by a Reader. They are typically presented on a web page using some organizational scheme.

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