Patrick Anderson

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Hello fellow artisans.

This personal page is my attempt at ensuring my intentions are understood as pure.

I have independently been working to bring Free as in Freedom to the physical realm since around 2001.

I believe there is a direct solution to our problems, and have tried to write my interpretation of that vision, but my communication is often misunderstood as being too abrupt or disruptive or disconnected.

Though I may seem odd or abrasive I'm really only just weird. I love to joke and play with words, so I'm sure we can be friends if you always assume I'm smiling ;)

My conviction is to bring these things to pass in a timely manner without hurting feelings, but the issues sometimes have emotianal connective tissue that must be carefully severed. :/

I'm currently working on a response to [StefanMerten/LicensesAsSeenFromAnOekonuxPerspective]



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