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Clear message

A brief history of this web site, see also the OekonuxWiki/software page.

Please help fill in the gaps, stuff that needs adding:


December 2001

The first email with the word wiki in the title was posted to the english list in December 2001.

December 21 2001

Benni announces the Oekonux co-forum wiki to the english list and seeks help with translating pages into english.


August 2003

29 August 2003

Chris posts to the english list suggesting a site "we could use it to document the free software mode of production using that mode of production :-)".

30 August 2003

Benni points out that the co-forum wiki exists but says that "It is also not so ideal to have german and english pages mixed in one wiki, because you have to duplicate the titles. We used the workaround of attaching "_English" to all titles for the english version. As far as i know there is no wiki awailable with true multi-language-support."

Chris suggests that "perhaps it would still make sense to set up a new english language wiki site?" and Mark responds with "Poor conclusion, IMO. Creating a wiki with language negotiation support seems a more obvious one."

Chris asks Mark "can you point people an a wiki site set up like this so people can see how it works?"

31 August 2003

Mark replies to Chris "I guess as long as the wiki can tell you what languages it has if it doesn't have yours, and open them in a parallel-text style for you to do/edit a translation, then that's good enough."

September 2003

4 September 2003

Chris suggests that SubWiki the subversion wiki might be good because "It's really simple at this stage, which makes it easy to hack the templates".

Benni says "Looks nice. I like Python and maybe i will join the project in 2 weeks... Another feature i would like: compability with OpenTheory/Co-Forum or a tool for converting the text-source-formats."

Martin suggests that a TWiki install would be good since when he used it for teaching "it was real good... once set up noone had any problems with it ..."

25 September 2003

Chris announces a test SubWiki install "It's very simple (which is quite nice), I could set up if people think that would be good? If a sub domain name of the existing one is a hassle we could register and do it there?"

Benni asks "What is with the wikipedia, they have crossreferences between different languages. AFAIK they use simply one wiki per language. Maybe this is good enough for us, too?"

26 September 2003

Graham asks a couple of questions " - if I added something to it now would it be possible to let me know if you need to delete it so I can save a copy? - How do you add external urls? The TextFormattingRules don't say."

28 September 2003

Chris responds to Graham "add whatever you like, I wasn't planning on deleting it :-) ... it's a wiki in development, the only way to do it at the moment as far as I can work out is to add a full URI and it gets turned into a link... basic I know, but it works..."

October 2003

19 October 2003

Stefan posts to the english list "I'm `Cc:'-ing the project list. The organizational details should be clarified there" and goes on to say "I like the idea of having or similar." and asks Chris "I'd love if you could run the technical side of this sub-project more or less on your own - perhaps with Bennis help. If I have to do it it'll take place in a year or so :-( "

Graham suggests that Kwiki "also very simple, still being developed (but perfectly usable), with a basic cgi-based setup easy to use on remote servers where you don't have root, but also with an optional subversion backend. It has a plugin structure which makes it easy to create add-ons. It's perl."

21 October 2003

Chris posts about the debate about which wiki engin to use "I'd use kwiki I think if I set it up on Stefan's server -- subwiki requires subversion and I wouldn't want to install that without having root."

Graham points out that there are two REST acronyms one for the REST architectural style and "The other reST has funny capitalization and is about 'restructured text' not anti-soap. googling gets lots of examples, but I still don't get what's different/better about it from any other markup.."

23 October 2003

Stefan posts that "Perl is good because our provider supports Perl very well." in response to Grahans suggestuon of Kwiki and on ReSt "I think reST is *the* coming solution for all these tasks where you need a ASCII based markup language which is close to typical such as in e-mail.... it's far better than any Wiki "markup" language I saw until now and also better than the OpenTheory markup language. As a software engineer I'd say it is simply not an easy task to design a *good* standard in this area. reST is by far the best thing I saw until now... That's why I call for using reST."

Chris discovers what ReStructuredText is and posts a link to a ReStructuredText primer.

26 October 2003

Stefan Meretz posts "My vote for ReST! I use it in ZWikis, e.g. "



16 January 2004

Chris posts "I have changed my mind about subwiki, it's nice for small things but it doesn't have the features that people will want... I started installing TWiki, but then changed my mind and I'm now looking at using MediaWiki, which is the code that runs Wikipedia, this does have all the features like email notfication, diffs etc..."

"Regarding multiple languages, as Benni pointed out there are not any wikis that support multiple languages well. The way that Wikipedia gets around this is multiple sites, one per language, this seems like the only option. So we could have:"


"And then at we could have a page with links to the different language ones. There is also a way of creating links between wikis that should work something like en:EnglishPage from a non-english wiki to link to the english wiki. MediaWiki templates have been translated into multiple languages... probably more than we will ever need..."

17 January 2004

Chris announces the English and German wikis have been installed using MediaWiki.

This was the point when the real trouble started...

From this point on the history told here is only very brief.


The definitive Oekonux Wikis have been set up.

20 October 2004



24 April 2005

As promised pages from the former Oekonux Wiki have been copied to the definitive Oekonux Wiki.

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