This Wiki makes it possible to use MediaWiki syntax for pages. This is done by using the MediaWiki parser for MoinMoin.

There are a couple of limitations in this parser. They are documented in the manual.

This page is for requesting features which seem most useful to most people. Also the developer of this parser (StefanMerten) is in this Wiki and may say something about the chances to realize this or that feature.

Please note that the parser is Free Software and nobody is paid for doing this or that. So please don't expect your wishes to be fulfilled promptly.

If on the other hand you feel like enhancing the parser yourself this is wholeheartedly appreciated. Please contact StefanMerten in this case.

If you have general questions about using MediaWiki syntax in this Wiki please refer to the MediaWikiFAQ.

Feature requests

(maybe use one page per request? that would enable a better overview about each feature (including discussion. every request could have a category that fits)

MediaWiki templates and related

Prior to importing any pages from the Freie-Gesellschaft-Wiki, it must be ensured that they are rendered correctly. Jugding from the test page wiki:De:GPL, there are about four problems that must be fixed:


I suggest to move a working version of the manual page to this wiki, so that others can enhance it. You could then compile the manual from that page. Maybe we can also have a formatter that does that (at least Docbook is available) -- ThiloPfennig 2006-04-21 12:38:08


I have read the explanations about namespaces at OekonuxWiki/Help/MediaWikiFAQ. My idea: If we have subpages - could we: Add the ":" as another delimiter for a sub page and so have a hierarchy "Help:" that is the same as "Help/"? The same with other pseudo-namespaces. So we would mimitate the behaviour of MediaWiki? We should think about what to do if real namespaces come at some point. -- ThiloPfennig 2006-04-21 13:13:20

Requested Macros

Some macros do not work due to the fact that macro markup is the same as MediaWiki style markup. Can we change the macro standard markup to enable the macros again? -- ThiloPfennig 2006-05-16 11:14:02


My question is if this unsupported MediaWiki signature is not availabel for a parser to change - if this is possible with other kind of plugin? I would imagine that it should be possible to overwrite all possible methods of a wiki. What kinf of plugin would that be. Maybe we should start thinking about other plugins -- ThiloPfennig 2006-04-21 13:13:20


Won't Change

I like to make a list of those features we will probably not change because Moin is too different or it makes no sense to set them. Are there any? -- ThiloPfennig 2006-04-21 13:15:47

MediaWiki Signatures

@ SIG @ and other such variables in MoinMoin are replaced in the original text of the page on the way to the parser. The parser itself has no more access to the original text, however. Therefore it can not replace the MediaWiki equivalents of ~~~ and ~~~~. This would probably need a different PageEditor class.

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