The Forum is the place for things you do not know on which page to write. The agreement is simple: put the newest topics at the top. Whenever this page starts filling up stuff can be archived.


I created a new top level page Hipatia for reflecting cooperation between Hipatia and Oekonux.


I added the [[PageComment]] macro to this Wiki. See OekonuxWiki/Help/GeneralFAQ#PageComment for a description and StefanMerten/Technics/Blog for an example.


Relative links to parent pages now work to an arbitrary depth. Before this patch only the first level really worked. -- StefanMerten 2006-08-27 19:11:26


Wikis work again :-) . -- StefanMerten 2006-06-30 08:01:51


I added a couple of InterWiki links for the conference sites. They all start with Conference so you will find them easily. -- StefanMerten 2006-06-06 06:30:24


From the MoinMoin MacroMarket I added a nice macro called Navitree which creates really nice trees of sub-pages. See Oekonux for an example. I also added a entry to the FAQ explaining the feature. -- StefanMerten 2006-05-27 22:47:55


I think that it would be good to display the WikiSyntax below the edit window according to the chosen format of the page. or nuch better: convert all pages and then do away with different formats alltogether. ~~~~ Here is a good example: I format the signature in Media, but it wont work in moinmoin even if the page is in format Media.. so why all this fuzz???? FranzNahrada

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