A constantly asked question about Free Software is how big the commercial influences on Free Software are. Empirical studies about this topic more often than not contradict each other. It seems clear that it is methodologically difficult to set up a good survey on this issue in the first place.

Part of these difficulties probably come from the fact that peer production and capitalist production are closely interwoven and so it is very hard to make useful separations at all.

On the other hand peer production influences the companies as well. It would be thus also interesting to study these influences as well - though this is probably even harder.

It would be great if there would be an empirical study on Free Software products which answers the questions most relevant to Oekonux. May be some researcher out there finds this and does the world the favor.

Here are some requirements which come to my mind:

This is list is far from complete. Feel free to add the points relevant to you.

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