Tasks which need to be done to create an improved Oekonux website.

Overall tasks

Common tasks for the new Oekonux website
Tag State Description Motivation Preconditions Notes
IdentifyGoals (./) Identify goals of the website     ../Analysis/Ideas#goals-and-purpose

Content tasks

Content tasks for the new Oekonux website
Tag Priority State Description Motivation Preconditions Notes
DecideBasicStructure High (./) Make decisions on the basic structure of the Plone site Basic structure is necessary for everything  
ArchiveMailingLists High   Provide the mailing lists archives   DecideBasicStructure  
CreateJournalArea High (./) Create a site for the journal   DecideBasicStructure  
GetMessageOut Medium   Provide content to get the message out   DecideBasicStructure
InformAboutOekonux Medium   Provide content to inform about the project   DecideBasicStructure
DecideEvaluationTasks Low   Make a decision on which evaluation tasks the project should focus   DecideBasicStructure
IntegrateWikis Medium   Integrate the Oekonux Wikis into Plone All in one makes things easier OfflineEditingPossible, DecideBasicStructure  

Technical tasks

Technical tasks for the new Oekonux website
Tag State Description Motivation Preconditions Notes
RequirementsTechnical (./) Identify technical requirements for a system   IdentifyGoals ../Analysis/Requirements#technical-requirements
DecideSystem (./) Decide on the technical system needed / wanted for the new website Plone is a feature rich content management system with an active community RequirementsTechnical ../Analysis/Technics
UpgradeServer (./) Upgrade to Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) To InstallPlone using a current version a more recent version of Ubuntu is needed.    
InstallPlone (./) Install and setup Plone   DecideSystem, UpgradeServer, UseUbuntuPackages
DecideDesign (./) Create and decide on a nice web design   InstallPlone
UseUbuntuPackages (./) Replace Apache installation by standard Ubuntu package At the moment webserver are compiled from the sources. This inhibits standard package manangement for plugins. UpgradeServer  
UseCache (./) Install and use a cache for the Plone site Plone is known to be somewhat slow because of which we need a cache facility UseUbuntuPackages  
UseDomains (./) Figure out how to use all the Oekonux domains The Oekonux domains should all end up in Plone DecideBasicStructure  
UseLinguaPlone (./) The product LinguaPlone should be used to facilitate multiple language pages We want integration of languages InstallPlone


OfflineEditingPossible   Make offline editing of the Plone site possible StefanMn needs to be able to work offline with the Wiki  
UseSkin (./) Install and configure a skin of our choice We want to have an own skin InstallPlone




State icons
Icon State
  Not started
(!) Ongoing
{X} Waiting for precondition
(./) Complete


Name Meaning
High Needs to be done in all cases
Medium Should be done if possible
Low Could be done if someone wants to

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