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Plone is a Zope based content management system. It is very powerful and supported very well.

Import / export

  • Import / export overview

  • ZSyncer

    Allows "pushing" data from one Zope server to another via the Zope Management Interface.

  • Content Dispatcher

    The Content Dispatcher enables you to dispatch some contents over others Plone instances that also have Content Dispatcher in a easy way.

  • collective.recipe.rsync_datafs

    This recipe aims to formalize the common practice (for the author at least) of adding a part to a buildout to rsync data from production or staging to development for the purposes of demaking it easier to develop against 'real' data. It will accept username, source and target parameters then run rsync for you.

  • Web Services API for Plone

Database integration & external storage

  • Database integration & external storage overview

  • APE

    Ape, the Adaptable Persistence Engine, adapts Python objects to storage on the filesystem, in relational databases, or practically anywhere else. It combines the advantages of transparent object persistence with arbitrary databases and formats. It is especially designed to work with ZODB, but can work independently of both Zope and ZODB.

  • FileSystemStorage

    Archetypes storage for storing fields raw values on the file system.

  • Reflecto

    Reflecto is a tool to incorporate part of the file system into a Plone site. It allows you to browse through a filesystem hierarchy and access the files in it.

  • FRS

    An open, scalable file system based content storage for Plone.

Searching and indexing

Journal related functionality

  • Critic

    The critic is a review archetype that allows to to rate different elements withing a reviewed object, and automatically sums up the average score at the end of the document.

  • Content Ratings

    A small Zope 3 package (which works best with Zope 2 and Five) that allows you to easily attach ratings to content.

  • plone.contentratings

    Plone support for the contentratings package

  • EasyRating

    EasyRating is a rating system for Plone.

  • Rating Engine

    Content rating using different user driven and automatic methods. The former project name is ATRatings.

  • Conference

    Conference Management System based on Plone. Product for organizing and management of web presentations of conferences or electronic journals

  • PloneCreativeCommons

    The product provide interface what Plone object choose CC license.

Mailing lists

  • mailtoplone

    Mailtoplone's main purpose is to create plone content from emails. The emails are delivered to plone as plaintext containing the entire email including the envelope. Mailtoplone makes heavy use of the zope 3 component architecture and plone's content rules. The configuration is done using the content-rules ui.

  • HumaineMailman

    This product has been created in order to allow Plone portal users to subscribe or unsubscribe to Mailman mailing lists, to embed Mailman mailing lists into a Plone portal. The portal manager can set up open or role-based mailing lists as well as "auto lists", i.e. mailing lists that get populated using a Python script. In order to allow easy integration into the Plone portal, there exists an auto list "sandbox" which allows to preview the effects of the script code before actually using it. Portal users get an additional preferences panel that allows to subscribe to all lists the user may access. The user data can be synced using a shell script (that should be called regularly by a cron job).

  • Listen

    Listen is a mailing list management application that integrates into the Plone Content Management System.

  • PloneMailList

    PloneMailList is a Plone product able to manage standard mailing lists over Pop or Imap Protocol. Messages are stored as Plone contents and can be browsed and searched through the Plone interface.

Notification solutions

  • CMFNotification

    This one is installed

    A Plone product that allows users to be notified when various events occur in the portal: item creation or modification, workflow actions, etc.

    See also the documentation

  • PloneSubscription

    This product allows users to manage their subscriptions and to administrators manage group-wide subscriptions.

  • iw.subscriber

    This package allow Plone users to subscribe to contents. Then they will be notified on all creation/modification on this contents.

  • CpiMailNotification

    CpiMailNotification is a developing tool that allows developers to easily bound email and workflow transition. by OpenCPI - a division of CPI Progetti SpA

  • raptus.workflownotification

    Pluggable system to provide a way to send custom notifications to predefined recipients on a workflow transition

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