This page is about possible speakers for the 5th Oekonux Conference. It lists people we are considering to invite directly to the conference (as opposed to those who may apply because of the CfC) This page has two purposes:

  1. Records possible candidates
  2. Rate these candidates (later in the process)

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General Considerations about Peer Production

Theoretical approaches

  • Yochaï Benkler

    Author of -- StefanMerten for [ox4]

    Gave an very interesting talk on WOS4. -- StefanMerten for [ox4]

    Certainly one of the scientific celebrities of these topics. -- StefanMerten for [ox4]

  • Eric v. Hippel

    Does a lot of research on user-driven innovation. -- StefanMerten for [ox4]

    Certainly one of the scientific celebrities of these topics. -- StefanMerten for [ox4]

  • Rhishab Ayer Ghosh

    Updates on his work on the concept of Cooking pot markets. -- StefanMerten for [ox4]

  • Steven Weber

    Wrote "The Success of Open Source" (2004, Cambridge, MA, Harvard UP, ISBN: 0-674-01292-5). There were a comment on this book which gave the impression of a very bright and knowledgable analysis of the phenomenon of Free Software. -- StefanMerten for [ox4]

  • Jeanette Hofmann

    Gave an interesting talk on CPOV about general topics of peer production. -- StefanMerten

    2010-03-30 21:01:07

  • Florian Cramer

    During CPOV gave an interesting talk on the frustrations from peer production. It certainly would be interesting to learn more about these frustrations and whether they need to be generalized. -- StefanMerten

    2010-03-30 19:22:45

  • Robert Verzola

    Writes interesting papers about abundance and commons. -- StefanMerten

    2010-07-06 19:49:17

  • Ignacio de Castro Arribas

    Ignacio de Castro Arribas gave an interesting talk on FCRC locating peer production in terms of economic theory like markets, network effects and rivalry.

  • Eben Moglen

    Eben Moglen seems to have understood a lot of things relevant for Oekonux. -- StefanMerten

    2010-10-09 09:49:17

History of Peer Production

  • Gundolf Freyermuth

    Didn't make it to the 3rd conference but definitely should be tried again. -- StefanMerten for [ox4]

Peer Production in Capitalism


  • Someone from a hardware company doing business with Free Software (e.g. IBM, Intel, HP)

    On the question how is IBM making money with Free Software. -- StefanMerten for [ox4]

Licenses and Other Legal Issues

  • Geert Lovink

    Geert gave an interesting talk at Virt3C demanding payment for artists doing Free Culture. -- StefanMerten

    2010-03-29 08:39:09

Material Peer Production

Peer Production Projects and Design Communities

  • Rose White

    On 24C3 gave an very interesting talk on the history of knitting which started out as a very proprietary thing until some women encouraged peer production processes. -- StefanMerten for [ox4]

  • People from projects mentioned by Make

    The magazine Make has an extensive list of open source hardware projects. It should be possible to find people in these projects who are ready to tell about their project. -- StefanMerten

    2010-07-11 11:13:25

  • Peter Troxler

    Peter Troxler gave an interesting talk on FCRC talking about three studies about FabLabs with questions interesting for the Oekonux debate. -- StefanMerten

    2010-10-08 08:48:25

  • Uwe Lübbermann

    Uwe maintains the Premium Cola project which since 10 years delivers Cola to customers. The project is organized very much like a Free project. -- StefanMerten

    2011-03-31 19:13:14

Sociological and Philosophical Perspectives

Peer Governance

  • Dirk-Willem van Gulik

    President of Apache Software Foundation. Gave an very interesting talk on OOoCon 2004. In particular picked up a couple of governance questions. -- StefanMerten for [ox4]

  • Gabriella Coleman

    Gabriella is the Debian historian. She gave a very interesting keynote at Virt3C called "Cbals, Crisis, and Conflict on the Virtual Frontier". The keynote outlined major conflicts in Debian. -- StefanMerten

    2010-03-25 17:30:31

  • Nathaniel Tkacz

    Nathaniel gave an interesting talk on forking at Virt3C. -- StefanMerten

    2010-03-25 17:30:31

  • Esther Weltevreden / Erik Borra

    Gave a very interesting talk at CPOV about controversy analysis in Wikipedia. They took the example of the article on climate change. -- StefanMerten

    2010-03-29 09:29:04

  • Andrew Famiglietti

    Gave a very interesting talk at CPOV about disputes and their resolution in Wikipedia. His example was about the article on the Kosovo war. -- StefanMerten

    2010-03-30 19:22:45

  • Mayo Fuster Morell

    At CPOV Mayo gave an very interesting presentation on the role of the Wikimedia foundation in Wikipedia governance. Mayo has also been heavily involved in the global justice movement. -- StefanMerten

    2010-04-01 17:31:53 after recommendation from Mathieu

    At FCRC gave an interesting talk comparing Flickr and Wikihow as examples of a commercial vs. a Free platform. -- StefanMerten

    2010-10-09 12:41:53

  • Rong Wang

    At FCRC gave an interesting talk about a research on institutional engagement in peer production in music communties. -- StefanMerten

    2010-10-09 12:18:17

  • Leonhard Dobusch / Sigrid Quack

    At FCRC gave an interesting talk about a research comparing organizations and communities. -- StefanMerten

    2010-10-09 12:53:17

Peer Ethics

  • Pekka Himanen

    Author of The Hacker Ethic and the Spirit of the Information Age. May be it works this time. -- StefanMerten for [ox4]

Peer Politics for a Change

Peer Production in Poor Countries

Free Software

Free Software Community

  • Louis Suarez-Potts

    louis suarez-potts oracle com

    Louis Suarez-Potts (Oracle) gave an interesting talk on FCRC outlining the topic of community in the project. He understood a couple of topics interesting for Oekonux. -- StefanMerten

    2010-10-09 07:27:36

Other Peer Production Projects


  • Netlabels

    Netlabels are certainly interesting for Oekonux. It would be nice if we could invite someone from this scene. -- StefanMerten for [ox4]

    May be the respective people from the WOS4 can be asked. -- StefanMerten for [ox4]

  • Cornelia Zacharias

    Gave an interesting talk on FCRC comparing Indie labels and Netlabels. -- StefanMerten

    2010-10-08 16:07:27


  • Kurt Jansson

    Kurt is an important member of the Wikipedia community and also an Oekonux participant. -- StefanMerten for [ox4]

  • José Felipe Ortega Soto

    At CPOV gave an extremely interesting talk about an extensive statistical research for the top ten language Wikipedias. -- StefanMerten

    2010-03-30 19:22:45

  • Stuart Geiger

    At CPOV gave a very interesting talk about the bots in Wikipedia with respect to governance questions. -- StefanMerten

    2010-03-30 19:22:45

  • Felix Stalder

    At CPOV-DE gave a very interesting talk about the relation between Free Knowledge and a democratic order of knowledge. -- StefanMerten

    2010-09-25 12:25:27

  • Leonhard Dobusch

    At CPOV-DE gave a very interesting talk about the relation between Wikipedia and CreativeCommons. -- StefanMerten

    2010-09-25 12:45:27

  • Sabria David

    At CPOV-DE gave an interesting talk about Wikipedia from the perspective of Slow Media. In particular she compared oral and written traditions and how they merge in Wikipedia. -- StefanMerten

    2010-09-26 11:13:27

Pirate scene

  • Johan Söderberg or others on pirate party

    On the development of the pirate party movement -- StefanMerten

    2010-03-25 17:25:25

  • Simon Lindgren

    At Virt3C Simon gave an interesting talk about people who translate subtitles from pirate copied films creating new sets of subtitles. Would be certainly interesting to hear about. -- StefanMerten

    2010-03-25 17:30:31


  • People mentioned in this compilation

    The compilation contains lots of interesting quotes from people about peer production in biotechnology. There are also some organizations mentioned. -- StefanMerten

    2010-07-09 07:10:59


  • Elinor Ostrom

    Got the Nobel prize for works on Commons. -- StefanMerten

    2010-09-25 13:05:17

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