Checklist for the grand conference opening

Stefan Merten, Yuwei Lin, and Michel Bauwens do the opening of the conference.

  1. Greeting from the host (by Yuwei Lin or Stefan Merten)

    As representative of the host Yuwei Lin says a few words. May be this needs to be done by Stefan Merten.

    • University of Manchester donates the rooms
  2. Character of the conference (by Michel Bauwens)

    • Character
      • Conference done completely by volunteers
      • Most of the important things made transparent on the Web
      • Conference lives by the engagement of everyone
      • Thus spontaneous sessions are always possible
    • Help
      • Practical help is needed for smaller and bigger tasks
      • If you want to help please turn to the conference bureau
    • Sponsors
      • A few sponsors donated some money
        • Platoniq in Barcelona
        • Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung in Germany
        • A few private persons donated some money
      • The Oekonux backing organization covers the rest
  3. Donations (by Stefan Merten)

    • Money from sponsors and Oekonux association still does not suffice to pay all costs
    • Main cost: Inviting speakers by paying for travel and accommodation
    • Many speakers waived refunding (applause!)
    • On the other hand the conference should still be free (as in free beer)
    • Thus: We need to get enough money on a volunteer basis
    • Please donate at the conference bureau
    • We need about 1000EUR total
    • Default donation is 20EUR/GBP/US$ but bigger donations are very appreciated
  4. Organizational topics (by Stefan Merten)

    • The net time of every slot is 1 1/4 hours
      • Remainder is left for changing rooms
      • Session helper is responsible to close the session
    • Day light saving time
      • Night from Saturday to Sunday is one hour shorter!
    • Additional session
      • Sunday, 9:00
      • Title is in the visitor package
    • Lunch on Saturday
      • Self-organized
      • Please use the take-aways
      • We have only one hour of lunch break and will start on time 14:30
    • Drinks
    • Conference bureau as general point for all questions
    • Visitor package contains more information
    • Any questions regarding organization?

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