Location chosen

Manchester / Northern UK has been chosen - mainly because Yuwei offered help and also this region seems to be most fertile for this whole discourse.


Notes taken before the decision has been made.

  • The general forum at the end of the 3rd conference recommended to try to have the 4th conference in a non-German speaking European country.
  • There was a proposal in [pox] that the next conference should take place where parts of the ideas can already be seen in the real world. For instance the KB5 house in styria, austria.
  • A nice option would be Amsterdam but there is probably no local support there.
  • There was an offer to help with a location in the UK or in Italy.
  • There was another offer to help with a location in Stockholm.
  • There was another offer to host the conference in Rome.
  • Yuwei offered to host the conference in Manchester probably with the help of Andres.

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