The idea of a GPL society was brought into the Oekonux debate by StefanMerten, and prominently used for the first time in his paper and Linuxtag speech GNU/Linux -- milestone on the way towards a GPL society. In English, the first time the term was used was in an interview that Joanne Richardson conducted with Stefan Merten for Subsol.

With the term "GPL Society" we named a society based on the principles of production of Free Software. These principles are:

Though the term has been controversial for some time, today it is widely accepted in Oekonux. I like the term particularly because you can't associate anything with it that you already know. GPL society describes something new, which we try to discover, explore and understand in the Oekonux project. Ironically, part of this process of understanding has reached the conclusion that a GPL Society would no longer need General Public License because there won't be any copyright. So at least at this time maybe it should be renamed.

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