We'd like to have an informal meeting during the 24C3 which is the annual meeting of the CCC (December 27th to 30th, 2007, Berlin, Germany). If you would like to join such a meeting please add your name to the following list:


Besides simply meeting during the talks or the breaks it would be good to have a common place to meet - for instance for a dinner. If you have preferences when to meet because you are in Berlin only during a certain time please indicate your availability here:

If the Fahrplan is out (the schedule) is out we can decide on a good date and time to meet based on our interests.

HolgerWeiss would prefer a time later in the day.

GregersPetersen will be on the 24C3 and speak on freifunk and anarchy leaves in 30th.

StefanMerten will be there at 29th (Saturday) and 30th (Sunday) - may be also in the evening of 28th. Given the Fahrplan I find the last two days most interesting. Unfortunately Gregers' presentation is on day 1 :-(. But I hope Gregers will stay longer.


Breakfast / Brunch on 29th (Saturday) - say 9:30. Would have the nice feature that the day at 24C3 starts later (11:30).


Since the location is not too big it will probably be easy to fix up a location to meet once we have found a time.


Meet at the congress site and then check to see where we go to.

One possibility would be to go to the Morgenland, Skalitzer Str. 35, Berlin-Kreuzberg. From Alexanderplatz, you'd take the subway U8 in direction Hermannstr. to Kottbusser Tor, which is four stations from Alexanderplatz. Then, either walk a few minutes down Skalitzer Str. (to the east), or go by subway U1 in direction Warschauer Str. for one more station to Görlitzer Bahnhof, which is near to the Morgenland.

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