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There were a couple of debates about economical models based on ideas revolving around alternative money systems. These models are known under different names like OpenMoney, Community Currency, Demurrage Currency and some of them strongly relate to the ideas of Silvio Gesell. They all have in common that they are designed as an (replacing or complementary) alternative to the money system we all know.

Thus central ideas revolve around changes in the money system. Mainly

These models do not question the means of exchange feature of money. None of them questions money itself.

An early thread in English started on wiki:Archive_ox-en:00260.html.

Another thread started with wiki:Archive_ox-en:02766.html. It contrasts Oekonux theory with these models.

A long thread in German started with wiki:Archive_ox:08185.html. Probably the earlier posts are the most interesting ones.

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