Meetings / Workshops / Conferences

After the 4th Oekonux Conference some people wanted a next meeting soon. There were several suggestions.

Please see also considerations on the 5th Oekonux Conference.

Annual meeting

An annual meeting could be useful.

Organization / Cooperation

There was a suggestion for a cooperation between the upcoming P2P Research Group (P2PRG) and Oekonux.

Suggestion on timelines:

  • March 2010 p2prg/p2pfoundation - for Inauguration of P2Presearch Group (to be held in Hull)
  • Nov 2010 p2prg/p2pfoundation (to be held Salford?)
  • Nov 2011 p2prg/p2pfoundation (to be held Thailand?) then March 2011 with Oekonux (to be held Austria?)
  • Nov 2012 p2prg/p2pfoundation (to be held Hull again?)
  • Nov 2013 p2prg/p2pfoundation then March 21013 with Oekonux
  • ...


Content suggestions

For instance:

despite the urgency of the situation, I think we do have to start with theory, but the next one could directly delve into a first review of open projects, say Open Hardware (it could be called 'From Free Software to Open Hardware')


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