Magazine / Journal

This initiative now started. See the homepage.

The idea was to create an (OpenAccess) magazine / journal.

Audience and writers

We need to find a very good balance between academia and activists. I think the good mixture here is one of the key success factors of Oekonux. Just another scientific journal does not make sense to me.
Perhaps each issue could be subdivided in two sections, one for theory and research; one for concrete case studies and initiatives?
  • Should it be specifically Marx-based or not?
    • Where to put the limits?

Publication issues

Regular and / or special issues

If we have issues published at fixed time intervals then I think it is harder to have special issues. If on the other hand we just publish articles when they are done then the question of a special issue doesn't arise at all.
I would propose a thematic approach, i.e. we could group the authors according to some broad subject areas, which could be the seed for specific journal issues.
i agree with the thematic approach, although we all know that variety is sth very attractive to people, they go for that, i ve read some research on this (perhaps 2-3 themes might be better for instance)

Distribution channels

  • Internet

    • Of course
  • Paper based

    • How important is a paper based magazine?

      For deep social influence and changing institutions, I think we have to partially adapt to the requirements of publishing.

Similar projects

We need to make clear where we differ from these projects.

Our magazine is politically engaged - i.e. clearly for the extension of peer production vs. traditional, private accumulation-only models.

Possible (Co-)editors

  • Athina
  • Michel
  • StefanMn
  • Guest editors for special issues
  • Open peer review
  • Or broad participation
  • I am thinking shall we have a small team of editors to sort the basics out and then broaden it for the actual editing/reviewing to people that we think would be interested in the subject?


  • Papers from the 4th Oekonux Conference

    An invitation could read like

    Dear All,

    After the successful presentations and papers at the 4th Oekonux conference, we propose that there would be some form of conference proceedings to begin with, before an eventual hard copy publication. This will be in a form of an inaugural online P2PResearch Journal. We welcome whoever wants to be involved in editing the journal with us. Further plans on publishing in hard copy with a mainstream publisher can be discussed when we know what we have in our hands. The journal can be a good way of knowing that, and will provide proceedings from the conference we can all use for future reference to begin with. Please send your papers by the 31st of September the latest if you want them to be considered for the journal and for hard copy publishing.

  • Papers from previous Oekonux Conferences

    • Ask the speakers whether they are interested in publishing an (updated) article.
  • Suggestion of a program

    1. Five years of Oekonux (the best of the 4 conferences)

    2. P2P Theory: basic theoretical approaches to understand the phenomena, including the oekonux approach, p2p-f etc...

    3. Peer production: the shift to physical production

    4. Modalities of Governance

    5. Peer Property

    6. What is Openness?

    7. Participatory Approaches to Value Creation

    8. The Commons


  • Something with "peer production" in it
  • And something with "commons", because it is the very base
  • "P2P Research, A Journal for the Study of Peer Production, Governance, and Property"
  • Simply "Peer Production"


  • An own mailing list in the Oekonux realm would be fine for journal organizers to cooperate

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