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Clear message

Global Villages are a concept of living environments which merge the perspectives of with the perspectives of .

There are 5 fundamental principles which make Global Villages

  1. Global Villages mimic the natural cycles of material flows we find in nature. The reproducibility of resources is the opposite of scarcity and is the direct complement of the reproducibility of knowledge.

  2. Global Villages are more or less intentional communities, but based on the mutual dependency of self-fulfillment and community. Communities can only work when having a common purpose.

  3. They use knowledge and skills from all cultures to optimise their local cycles. So they take part in all kinds of collective endeavours to increase the available base of knowledge and skills. This should lead to an increase in autonomy.

  4. They are actively involved in fostering autonomous community building all over the world. This supports the global base of co-operation.

  5. They know that by taking care of their local arena they take responsibility for the whole.


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