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This page and its subpages now try to develop the concept of germ form further and try to find some criteria for it. During the discussion in Hütten it became clear that this is really a research project. This page and its subpages are an attempt to further this research project.


However, there is a big German language community discussing these questions and some of them have difficulties to express themselves in English. This needs to be taken into account. Therefore it's ok to comment in German. I will try to roughly translate things to English where necessary and useful. Others are welcome to join this effort of course.

I'm not sure how to do the multilingual stuff best. Some ideas which came to my mind.

-- StefanMerten 2006-07-13 07:11:33

Research tasks

  • Therefore it must be clearly separated what are personal wishes / moral / ethics and what can be argued for based on a common reasoning.

  • What exactly does it mean when we speak of a germ form?

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